Do you really need antibacterial soaps in cleaning?

Do you really need Germ-killing detergents?


Do we Really Need Antibacterial Soap?

Today morning I browsed Amazon like I often do on weekends. What I found was a real shock.
I found countless antibacterial sanitizers and wipes.

I was asking myself: Are we really this stupid? As you may have known, we live in the northern Europe, and the antibacterial stuff hasn’t really been popular here. So I was quite surprised to find so many germ-killing detergents sold on Amazon.

After a while, I became sickened when I watched a video on one of the product pages. There were this child and his mother washing the laundry, and the mother said that it is nice to use an antibacterial laundry cleanser that kills 99.98% of all bacteria. You can see the video embedded above to this text.

What about those chemical residues that can be transferred to your, or your children from the textiles, after being washed? That would be my primary concern, not some natural germs.

Some people are really reckless (and companies), to use these kinds of products… Have you ever thought that what happens to the 0.02% of those bacteria? Well, they multiply easily when there is no competition from other germs. How can you know if that 0.02% of bacteria that survived aren’t dangerous? You can’t! And now by using these germ-killing bacteria, you have given them a place and space to thrive. Other germs would have stood their ground and helped to keep the balance.

Creation of Super-bacteria by US

Do you know where the super-bacteria (or super-germs) have come to this world? You might have guessed by now. By using these anti-bacterial products, you involuntarily speed up and change the course of evolution. Because nature finds a way. Every germ, good or bad, want’s to live, and so there will be that one or two germs that won’t die no matter what.That’s the course of evolution, the fittest will survive.

But the life-cycle of bacteria is really short, so their evolutionary cycles are short in time also. That means, when we use antibacterial products, we actually help and support those bacteria that can stand against the chemicals. This is where those super-germs are created. Right inside your washing machine.

How hard it is to wash towels and linen in 60°C? Yes, the washing time increases and electricity consumption does too. But you don’t even have to wash those textiles in 60°C every time, every third time should be enough.

Wash your hands with a poison before you eat?

Then there are those hand soaps that kill everything else but you. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it. To use something that poisonous to germs on your skin… Well instead of writing a boring essay, I’ll paste another video about the soaps that kill germs. And are they any good? Watch the video!

If you don’t have time, I can tell you that there are no evidence that germ-killing soap does any better job than the old-fashioned soap that you could make on your own.

In the end that chemical that you use to wash yourself and your laundry, will end up in the water system, from there to the fishes and on to your food plate. So if you like to eat those toxins, continue to use antibacterial-chemicals.

How to kill bacteria naturally?

What if you really want to kill every germ? How can you do that? The answer is in the old-fashioned tech: boil your stuff in water for five minutes or use a natural trick in the next video.

So what I’m trying to say, is that YOU DON’T NEED ANTIBACTERIAL-STUFF!!!

Later on, we will bring an environmentally safe, laundry powder, hand soap, washing machine cleaner, bleach and a special product for dirty cloth diapers and sanitary cloth pads.


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