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When To Empty Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cup offers more capacity than sanitary pads and tampons. Well, that may be true. But still, you need to empty it regularly so the cup won’t overflow. Moreover, you don’t want your cup leaking, do you? Besides, leaks are really irritating and you can’t deny that.

The only solution to this is to ensure that your menstrual cup won’t reach its capacity. Doing this will allow you to prevent your cup from a potential leak. That’s easy, right? But when to empty menstrual cup?

And how to find out if it is time for you to empty menstrual cup? Well, don’t you worry about that as we are here to help you with that! Also, you need to understand when is the best time to empty menstrual for you to feel and experience all its superb benefits. So, let’s not wait any longer and proceed to the real action below!

When Is The Best Time to Empty Menstrual Cup?

Well, there’s no right time really. But there are some things you should check out to easily figure out whether your cup needs to be empty or not. And if you don’t have any idea about this. That’s nothing to worry about! We’ll be very glad to share some helpful tips with you for you to know when to really empty your menstrual cup.

Less than and not more than 12 hours

What’s great about using cups is that it can last longer for up to 12 hours. That benefit of a Diva cup alone is simply outstanding. However, if you use it more than 12 straight hours, the cup may reach its capacity, which can result in it leaking.

The good news is it’s safe to use and will stay fresh for long hours as the menstrual cups available today are made of quality medical grade silicone. But remember, you should not keep any menstrual product, no matter how safe and high quality that is, inside your vagina for long periods of time without cleaning and checking it properly.

Furthermore, if you accidentally forget and leave your cup for more than 12 hours, don’t panic and calm down! Nothing harmful will happen, but leakage may occur. When this happens, simply remove, empty, and clean it as soon as you notice. Then you can just re-insert it back or store it and use it whenever you need the cup again.

Depending on your menstrual flow

Your menstrual flow will allow you to figure out when to empty menstrual cup. Knowing how light, medium, or heavy your flow is will help you determine the best time to empty your cup. If you have a very light flow, you can relax and even use the cup for some hours without the need of checking it daily.

However, if you have a heavy flow, just make sure to regularly check and empty your menstrual cup at least every 3 to 4 hours for you to avoid it from leaking. You may have to empty your Diva cup more often on heavier red days. Luckily for you and for every woman out there, cups are available in different sizes which offer different capacity.

As much as possible, choose a cup based on how light or heavy your menstruation is. This way, you’ll get to prepare and get to know when to empty your menstrual cup depending on your flow. Just don’t forget and as much as possible, always make sure you get the right size cup.

If you’re a new cup user, you can try emptying it at least every 2 to 4 hours until you find out how slow or quick your cup gest full to know when is the right time to empty it.

Depending on your activity

Thankfully, menstrual cups are there for us anytime – even during activities. With the help of a cup, you can do all the things that you do regularly even when you are in your period! Well, how convenient it is to have one, right? In addition, cups can provide us the freedom and comfort during our red days, which means that you can still do any activity without your period bothering you.

Just remember and don’t forget that it is much better to empty your cup before any activity. Doing this will let the menstrual cup do its job and it will not fill up too much by the time the activity is done. Additionally, you can’t empty your cup during an activity, so before you start, ensure that you completely empty it to avoid inconvenience.

So, there you have it! It’s important to know when to empty your cup as this will allow you to enjoy and use the benefits of your cup to the fullest. And with the tips given above, you’ll get to know how to know when to empty your Diva cup. A cup that is leaking is quite annoying, and embarrassing sometimes.

Furthermore, in order for you to avoid that, you should, as much as you can, check your menstrual cup regularly. Of course, as I said above, how often you empty it will depends on your menstrual flow and your activity.

And without a doubt, we can’t deny the fact that menstrual cups are truly a gift for women. Imagine having the freedom, comfort, and fulfillment, even during your bad red days. Seems impossible, right? Well, that is possible today – that’s with the help of a Diva cup! Cups being an eco-friendly, safe, and reusable menstrual product makes it an excellent if not, better alternative to traditional pads and tampons.

The convenience and satisfaction that a cup can offer to you are simply amazing. Certainly, menstrual cups have made most women’s life much comfortable and easier than before! And it is never too late to use one. Well, first-time cup users may often experience pain and discomfort during their first try. But that’s just normal. Once they get the hang of it, I am sure that they’ll never look back again!

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