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How to Get Menstrual Cup to Open

Get Menstrual Cup to Open 

First time using a menstrual cup? Is your menstrual cup not popping open? Often experiencing unexpected leaks? Well, that’s just common problems new cup users often experience – and that’s just fine, don’t worry. All you need to do is to make the cup completely open and you are good to go! However, if you’ve just started using a cup, this process may take you some time and few tries.

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But don’t stress yourself too hard! You’ll get used to it over time. And with our guide, we’ll show you how to properly insert it and get a menstrual cup to open. It’s not that hard – really. But as I have said, it may consume you more time and practice to get your cup to open as easy as a piece of cake. Let’s start with the proper insertion first.

Tips to make insertion easier

Is your menstrual cup not opening? No worries, we got you covered! The tips below will let you make the insertion of the cup a breeze, which will help the cup to pop open as easy as 1-2-3.

washing hands properly

Wash your hands

Washing your hands before you insert the cup will allow you to reduce and eliminate some gross bacteria on your hands. And remember, you’re hands and your vagina will touch, so make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly. 

Doing this will help reduce the risk of infections. Also, this will keep your vagina clean and away from harmful bacteria.

relax before inserting menstrual cup

Always relax

Don’t tense up and relax before the insertion. I know this is quite an intimidating experience for beginner cup users, but before you begin, make sure that you are completely relaxed. Being nervous will only make the process more difficult than it actually is. 

Moreover, relaxing will let your vaginal muscles loosen up a bit, which makes the insertion a breeze.

lubricating menstrual cup

Lubricate your cup

In case your pelvic floor muscles are too tense or strong, a water-based lube may make it much easier for you to insert the cup. Well, you can start with just water. But if the water isn’t working for you, consider having a lube the next time and you’ll find it more comfortable and effortless to insert the cup.

inserting menstrual cup

Grip and Twist

A firm grip and a gentle twist at the base of your cup will ensure to make your cup pop completely open. Holding it with loose grip may end up your cup losing its fold, which will only make things harder. Just maintain a firm grip until you reach the inside of your vagina. And once you’re cup completely inside, give it a twist, and wait for it to pop open while turning it into one full rotation.

Furthermore, now that you understand how to properly insert a cup, then let’s get into the real action. Now we are going to talk about the things you can do in case you can’t get a menstrual cup to pop open. Well, even experienced menstrual cup users sometimes find it hard to open a cup. But for beginners, more practice is required to get the hang of it. But, don’t sweat it out! We are here to help you with this common cup problem. So, let’s not wait any longer and proceed below.

Ways to pop your cup open

different menstrual cup folds

Find the right fold that suit you

There are many different folds for your menstrual cup. Some folds would make your menstrual cup to open, and some would not. If you find your favorite fold uncomfortable and doesn’t open that easily, then try a different cold. 

These folds include the 7-FoldC-FoldOrigami Fold, and most popular one, Punch Down Fold. Experiment with different folds until you find the perfect fold for you. Knowing what fold works for you will allow you to effortlessly pop the cup to open.

You can also read up on our previous post about doing the different menstrual cup folds complete with instructions below:

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From YouTube: Tips for Opening your Menstrual Cup

On the video below by Precious Stars Vlogs, we see some tips on how to open your cup and fold recommendations.

manually opening menstrual cup

Manually open the menstrual cup

If you find your folds not working, then it’s time for some assistance. All you have to do is to reach up inside, and gently run your finger along the cup. 

Once you find the rim of the menstrual cup, push the rim up – this will help it pop open. Or use the stem of your cup to slowly pull the cup down then push it back the cup back into place.

pinch menstrual cup

Squeeze the bottom of your cup

To force the rim of your menstrual cup to pop open, gently squeezing the bottom usually gets the job done. As much as possible, don’t squeeze too hard. Squeezing it with too much force may result to you accidentally pinching the cup closed at the bottom. Just slowly and carefully do it and watch the cup pop itself open!

In addition, some women feel the “pop” of the cup, and some women don’t. The pop happens when a cup is completely open. And when a cup is open, a seal is formed. This will keep the cup in place and will be hard to remove until you break the seal.

If you’re one of those who can’t feel the pop, that’s not a problem! Just give its stem a sharp tug, and if it does a move a little a bit, or the cup doesn’t move at all – then congratulations. You just pop the cup fully open.

The whole process, from insertion to popping the pop cup open, may take you some time before you completely find out the tricks behind it. But don’t rush it – that will only make things more difficult. Instead, spend some time trying new folds and techniques. Once you understand the right way to insert a menstrual cup, popping it open is child’s play.

And with our tips, you’ll be a master in no time – that’s for sure! You’ll feel more comfortable on using menstrual cups once you figure out which technique, folds, or tricks, works best for your body. In fact, it’s really that simple! Moreover, don’t be nervous and calm down throughout the whole process – this will help you a lot.

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