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Our Search for New Charities

We have VERY strict policies about how we help and who we help. We won't help the government or military or city officials. We won't support any charity that can't provide enough evidence that our help is going directly to the ones in need.
We won't be giving our aid to third hand charities, we are all about as direct aid as possible.

Tell us about Your charity

Give information about your charity to us only if you are directly helping people yourself.

If you are only collecting money for your charity and sending that money away to the ones in need, don't bother contacting us at all. We want proofs that the help goes un-deducted to the ones in need and how it is used.

If money is all your charity needs, then we are somewhat reluctant to help, since money has a tendency to "disappear" when it travels to the ones in need. Opportunity makes honest people thieves, and often there are people directly handling the money, which in turn creates too many "opportunities".

Some of the people want to help others by donating our products to the refugee camps and such, where the need for reusable products is truly dire. But often these people don't think about the big picture when it comes to handle these products. 
A great example is our reusable and washable menstrual cloth pads, they need washing, drying and storing in clean conditions. We often see that people think these to be a great way to help, but don't think about water, is the water available? Are there washing machines? Will the women take the time and effort to wash these? Have someone explained that these should be washed instead of throwing away?

How we can support your Cause?

As you might notice from above, we are reluctant to support any cause with money. Since money has a tendency to disappear into costs of running the charity / cause.

Our donations are usually our products; menstrual cloth pads, menstrual cups or washing powder. Just as well we can donate something else.

For example, we tried to support a School in UK by donating them a washing machine. I contacted the school directly so that we could send a washing machine to them. But they insisted us to donate (money) to a charity that is somehow connected to this school.

This felt like a "trap". Needless to say that the money wouldn't have gone fully and directly to the washing machine for the school. Instead there would be some money used for different expenses, like office rent, coffee, fruits and biscuits, not to mention that some of these charities pay salaries to their charity-workers.

How and When to Contact us

When to Contact us:

Contact us if you have read the above and are convinced that your cause and charity fits our ways of helping. 

Please read the below checklist to make sure that your values and ways to help align with ours:

  • You don't need money for your charity
  • You are able to prove the need and existence of your charity / cause
  • You are willing to show us (in person) how our donation(s) are used
  • check
    We can come and visit your charity in a short notice
  • check
    You can provide photos of your charity
  • check
    You are willing to write a guest blog-post about your charity

How to Contact us:

You can contact us by emailing to the customer service email, that can be found from the bottom of this page.

We all are working 8hrs a day in our daily jobs, so it might take some time to reply. If you haven't received a reply in few days, wait a bit longer. After a week you could re-email. 

Before emailing, please see the checklist on the left.

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