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You want to live a healthy life, a life that has a positive impact on environment and well-being of you and everyone around you?You will learn how to live toxic free life and a life that keeps landfills emptier and seas more clearer. By choosing reusable products, like Menstrual Cloth Pads and Menstrual Cups, you are making a huge difference on your carbon-footprint! Let us help you in the right direction, so that your life habits become sustainable and reusable without you even realizing.

Notice Your Choices

The choices we make define our future. Save the planet by choosing through knowledge.
By choosing through knowledge
you will change the future.

Choose Wisely

Choose brands and companies that are more than just brands and companies Choose those that have other values than just money. Visit our SHOP to get started.

Do You Really Need It?

Every day that you go to store,
mall or supermarket, think of the
products that you buy.
Are they good for you and for the nature?

Our Eco-friendly Products

Reusable Menstrual Pads

Made from soft and absorbent bamboo charcoal cloth, these menstrual pads will help you feel dry and secure.

Perfect for sensitive skin as this pad does not contain chemicals that are present in disposable pads.

Reusable Menstrual Cups

The pack of three menstruation cups is of great value, so you’ll be saving money as well as the environment.
These silicone cups are 100% safe. Made from medical grade silicone, your body is safe when using Caring Panda small soft menstrual cup.

Eco-friendly Washing Powder​​​​

Our powder is developed in Finland,
and have been used there for over a decade! There’s no zeolite, no softeners, no optical brighteners, no bleach, no perfumes, under 5% of soap and enzymes that clean thoroughly without harsh chemicals.

More and more people are now
making the right choices.

Are you ready to make yours? Visit our shop to browse eco-friendly choices!

After years of using disposable pads I was recommended to use reuseable, I’m not disappointed. These are fabulous and my period is t as easy when using these, I need 3 nighttime pads on if using disposable ones.


Wish I tried sooner!

As I always have heavy period's and bad cramps,hot flushes & sickness etc every cycle and with polycystic overies too, I decided to try these after reading an article about disposable pads making some people ill, my only regret is not trying this sooner, my cramps & hot flushes halved, no sickness at all ,im buying more asap,

A good reusable product!

​I'm using these for the first time. They seem to be really good absorption seems great, 6hrs and no apparent leaks (on a heavy day). Rinse out easily and washing left no stains. They air dry quickly too, giving a good turn around time. An added bonus is that I seem to have less irritation than with the disposable pads I normally use. Although slightly bulkier than disposable pads but not uncomfortably so. Altogether I'm happy so far and would recommend. I feel like I am doing my bit to help reduce my plastic consumption, the use of chemicals in the production of disposables and reducing my landfill waste.
J. Mann


Nice and comfy. Good care instructions. They can be washed at 60 degrees if you want. Really gave me confidence going to the gym that it wasn't going to fall out or rub or irritate my skin. There's no folding or unsticking, no disposal, no running out of pads. As they wrap round your underwear it gives protection against smudges. These have a waterproof layer to prevent leaks- some pads are pure cotton so that depends on your preference. Some pads do have wider wings which might be even more secure but I was happy with these.
K. Miller

Everyone should use these!

These are really brilliant. I had reservations about them before buying but it was part of waste reduction kick I'm on this year. I thought it might not be that hygienic, but I was surprised and delighted to find that the absorption is almost miraculous. With normal pads, even with a tampon in as well, I have to change the tampon and pad halfway through the first night, otherwise its a disaster in the morning and really uncomfortable. But with these, I slept through the first night and in the morning there was only a small stained area on the pad. It was only when I rinsed it that I realised how much had been absorbed, but I woke up dry and comfortable. Amazing. They are also incredibly comfortable, like wearing really soft knickers. Rinsing and washing is only a small hassle, but its so worth it for the added absorption, comfort and benefit to the environment you get from not using disposable ones. Also, they are are really easy to rinse and wash really clean, like new. Love them and highly recommend.
Amazon Customer

Who We Are


I work as an electrician 8hrs a day and I run the technical side of Caring Panda on the side, trying to create a better articles and help people to find our products and help each others.


I'm the one who is always outside fishing, taking care of the (food) garden and foraging berries and mushrooms from the forest. We plan together the new products and I help Antti to make new articles. We had an content writer twice but it didn't work out that well. I work as an fire and safety inspector 8hrs a day


She is currently at the local Rudolf Steiner School. There they have their own potato fields and berry-bushes as well as chicken coops that the students take care of and help with the harvesting.

Our Values


Finding new ways to save the environment


Creating innovative products to replace disposable ones


Driving the world towards equal chances regardless gender, background or religion


Supporting Charities world wide


Finding news how to help the environment

Helping others have a more meaningful life.

Helping Tanzanian Girls to Avoid FGM

Girls in Tanzania have to face a horrid fate when they are forced to go through FGM. This is usually at the four-week school break, which is also referred as “the cutting season”. They are being forced to go through Female Genital Mutilation, excision of external sexual organs to be exact.

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