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Who Should Use

A Menstrual Cup

who should use menstrual cup

Looking for a great alternative to sanitary pads and tampons? Well, search no further -a menstrual cup is the answer for that! And in fact, every woman can use it - at any age! But who should use a menstrual cup?

So, do you have any idea? If not, don't stress it out! Today we are going to talk about who should use a menstrual cup. Besides, cups are for everyone - and that's good news!

Moreover, if you're tired of using pads or tampons during your red days, better switch to menstrual cups. You won't regret using a period cup - that's certain! Also, most cups today are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and made of medical grade silicone, making it not only safe for your body, but also for our environment.

Without a doubt, your period will be much comfortable and satisfying than before through the help of this remarkable menstrual product. So, let's now proceed below and tackle who should use a menstrual cup, shall we?

Who Should Use A Menstrual Cup

menstrual cup for virgins
For Virgins

This might be surprising to you, but women, particularly virgins, can use a menstrual cup. However, being a virgin, they may feel some discomfort and pain during the insertion part. But that is nothing to worry about - that is absolutely normal! Since virgins are not used to putting things inside their vagina, they may have a hard time inserting it for the first time.

But from time to time, their body will adapt to it, making it much easier for them to use a menstrual cup. Furthermore, it takes some time and practice to get the hang of it. Also, you can't lose your virginity by using a cup - that's just impossible! Losing your virginity will only be possible through having sexual intercourse.

Yes, a cup can either stretch or break your hymen, but that won't take your virginity. Moreover, you can even tear or break your hymen by accident while doing non-sexual activities such as biking, dancing, stretching, and more. These activities may break your hymen, but it won't affect your virginity.

So don't worry if you are a virgin - you can still use a menstrual cup without losing your precious virginity! However, it would be a lot better if you start with smaller cups first. But why? Well, small cups are soft and flexible, making it much quicker and easier for you to insert it.
 Also, it's not necessary to start with a small cup. You can also start with a medium cup and see if you find it comfortable.

menstrual cup for physically active
For physically active women

Every woman's anatomy is unique. Some women who are active in sports have strong pelvic floor muscles. Although having a strong pelvic floor muscles is important when using a period cup, but if your vaginal muscles are too strong, it may squeeze the cup and break the seal, which could lead to leakage.

Well, women who are physically active can use a menstrual cup, but they may have to find a cup that is quite firm to support their strong pelvic floor muscles. In addition, if you're not comfortable with a firmer menstrual cup, you can also try using a smaller cup on your first time.

menstrual cups for women above 30
For women over 30 or have had given a birth vaginally before

As you age, your hips will widen naturally. And when your hips widen, your vaginal muscles will lose some of its elasticity. Moreover, luckily for women who are over 30 or have had given birth before, there are menstrual cups specifically designed just for them. If you are one of them, a larger size menstrual cup would work best for you.

For those who want to have sex during their period

Have sex during your menstruation? Is that even possible? Well, this may sound crazy to you, but that is absolutely possible with a period cup! A menstrual cup, if inserted right and completely, creates a seal which makes the cup quite difficult to remove unless you break it.

Without a doubt, a cup is the secret to a mess-free period sex! But before you do your thing, always make sure that your cup is fully open. You don't want it leaking all over you and your lover during the lovemaking, do you?

If not, then ensure to correctly insert your cup. This way, you'll get to fully enjoy your intercourse with your sweetheart even during your period!

heavy menstrual flow
For women with abnormally heavy flow

Some women experience heavy flow regularly. But it should be taken seriously when you experience exceptionally heavy flow daily. Although a heavy menstrual flow is a common concern by many women, having an abnormally heavy flow is something serious - Menorrhagia is the medical term for that.

And women with Menorrhagia often see themselves soaking through their tampons and pads. But luckily, a menstrual cup offers more capacity than traditional pads and tampons. With a cup, you'll get to do the things you regularly do without your period bothering you.

menstrual cup tampons
For those who are tired of pads and tampons

Some women experience heavy flow regularly. But it should be taken seriously when you experience exceptionally heavy flow daily. Although a heavy menstrual flow is a common concern by many women, having an abnormally heavy flow is something serious - Menorrhagia is the medical term for that.

Fortunately for you and other women out there, menstrual cups are here to save the day! A cup is a much safer alternative to pads and tampons. And since it collects your flow instead of absorbing it, a menstrual cup doesn't dry you out. In addition, the risk of TSS is reduced when you use a period cup instead of tampons.

Moreover, if you want to save money, then this is definitely the solution for that! Some cups are disposable, while others are reusable. Unlike tampons and pads, which are only disposable, some menstrual cups are reusable, allowing you to spend less and save more overtime! And since it is reusable, it helps protect the environment, too.

 So, that's about it! Above shows who should use a menstrual cup. If you want to use a cup, then do it as soon as possible! I know you won't regret using a period cup. Besides, period cups are suitable for every woman.

Virgin or not, given birth or not - menstrual cups perfectly suit anyone at any age and any circumstances! Well, you'll always be ready to face your menstruation with a confident through the help of a cup - that is for sure! Without a doubt, you'll be surprised how easy it is to survive your menstruation with a cup by your side.

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