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What Menstrual Cup is
Best for Me?

Believe it or not, you may need to try 2 to 3 menstrual cup before you find the best menstrual cup that fits you well. Well, don’t you worry about that! This is a common problem, particularly for new cup users or beginners. Furthermore, using a cup that works best for you will allow you to experience a comfortable and stress-free period.

Fortunately, there are different types of cups available today. With this, you’ll get to easily find the menstrual cup that will provide you the remarkable satisfaction during your menstruation. Moreover, all you need is time, patience, and practice to get used to it. But don’t stress it out – we are here to help you figure out the perfect cup for you!

What Menstrual Cup To Get

Well, you should understand that every woman’s anatomy is different and unique. To simply put, a cup that you find comfortable and satisfying to use, may not be that comfortable and won’t work well for others. Furthermore, some cups would fit you right, and some will not.

Yes, finding the right cup may take you some time, but once you figure out the perfect one for you – it will be worth it in the end! Besides, there are many factors to consider in choosing the best menstrual cup for you. These include your cervix, experience, and your menstrual flow.

And with our guide, we will help you choose the right menstrual cup for you! Today, we are going to talk about what menstrual cup is best for a low cervix and which menstrual cup is best for beginners. So, let’s not wait any longer and proceed below!

Which Menstrual Cup Is Best
For Beginners

The best menstrual cup often depends on one’s personal preference. However, for new cup users, particularly beginners, they need more time and few tries to figure out which menstrual cup is best for them. It would be the best choice for them to select a softer cup for their first time.

Moreover, a softer cup is easier to insert and remove, and it won’t put that much pressure into your vagina since it is soft. Furthermore, you can also start with a firmer cup. But for you to be comfortable on your first time using a cup, it would be best to use a softer cup.

A soft cup isn’t just for beginners, but also works better for people with sensitive bladder or experiencing bladder issues. If you are one of those who has bladder issues, you may want to select

And don’t worry if you experience pain and discomfort during your first insertion. That’s nothing to worry about because that’s just normal if you have just started using a menstrual cup. Your body will adjust to it from time to time and then you’ll get to completely enjoy all the cups remarkable benefits!

Just be patient and take your time. Don’t rush it and keep trying until you find the best menstrual cup the fits you well. Without a doubt, you’ll find your ideal cup sooner or later when you experiment with different cups. For first-time cup users, don’t just stick to a single cup – try as many as you can – this way you’ll be able to figure out what cup works and what’s not for you.

Popular Soft Cups

We have different types of menstrual cups available today. And today we are going to talk about cups that are considered to be soft. So, let’s get into it below, shall we?

Eva Cup

Eva cup is hypoallergenic and is made of FDA approved medical grade silicone. Its body is softer than secondary rim. In addition, Eva period cup perfectly suits those who have medium or medium to high cervix.

Super Jennie

Super Jennie has a short and round stem. It is obtainable in 2 sizes, small and large. Also, it is soft and what’s amazing is even the smallest size Super Jennie cup offers enough capacity for women who have medium to heavy menstrual flow.

Luv Ur Body

This cup is available in 3 different sizes – small, medium, and large. In addition, the firmness or softness of Luv Ur Body cup depends on its size. The small to medium cups are quite softer and not too firm in comparison to the larger cup, which is firmer.

Well, above shows the different types of soft cups today. So, now we are going to figure out what menstrual cup is best for a low cervix below.

What Menstrual Cup Is Best
For A Low Cervix

how to measure cervix height

If you have a low cervix, a shorter cup might work better for you. Just find a menstrual cup that is shorter – any brand will do. In addition, you can go for a small size cup or a menstrual cup that is shorter than the average cup. Luckily for you, there are cups that are specially designed for women with a low cervix.

As much as possible, avoid the cup that is too long as it may not fit you well – this may only provide discomfort since you have a low cervix. Also, if your menstrual cup is too long, its stem will stick outside your vagina, which is very uncomfortable.

Although you can trim or cut the entire stem, it is much better to just buy a shorter cup to start with. In addition, if the actual cup part is too long, it will squeeze up against your cervix and this will be also very uncomfortable and can even lead to cramping.

Consider getting a short cup if you don’t want the stem sticking out in your vagina and making you feel uncomfortable. Also, you don’t have to worry about cramps if you use a shorter cup.A menstrual cup that is shorter in length is the ideal choice for a woman with a low cervix. In addition, for those with a low cervix, we recommended cup brands including:

MeLuna Shorty

MeLuna Shorty is quite smaller and shorter than the average period cups available today. Since it is soft and flexible, it perfectly fits those with a low cervix. In addition, MeLuna come in 4 sizes – small, medium, large, and extra large.

Lunette Small

Lunette cups are very comfortable to use. It is available in 2 sizes, model 1 (small) and model 2 (large). Moreover, Lunette small is made of high quality medical grade silicone, which makes it safe for your body.

Fleur Small

For someone with a low cervix, the Fleur small would work best for them. This cup offers protection and comfort to the wearer. Furthermore, similar to other popular brands, Fleur is also made of 100% medical grade silicone, which means that it is safe to use.

Well, it doesn’t matter what brand you choose. As long as it’s soft and short, then it should work well just fine. Furthermore, any of the above cups will work well for women with a low cervix. We also have our own One Caring Panda menstrual cup that is safe to use and also soft and flexible, making it much easier to fold, insert, and remove.

Choosing the right menstrual cup will allow you to achieve the remarkable freedom and fulfillment during your menstruation. And with our tips, you’ll get to effortlessly figure out what menstrual cup would fit you right. If you’re still asking yourself this: “What menstrual cup is best for me?”, then let these helpful tips guide you to find out what type of cup would work well for you!

Luckily for you and every woman out there, menstrual cups are there to save the day during your period. Without a doubt, you’ll get to enjoy your red days more through the help of a cup! And as I have said, it may take you few tries to figure out the right cup for you.

If your first cup wasn’t the best one, don’t lose hope and move on! There are more different types you can try. As much as possible, take your time and feel free to experiment with different cups. Furthermore, a cup that fits you well should offer you more comfort and satisfaction than discomfort and pain.

So, there you have it! Let our suggestions guide you on your way to finding the right and best menstrual cup for you!

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