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When To Boil
Menstrual Cups

Why should you boil your menstrual cup? And when to boil menstrual cup? So, do you have any idea about this? If not, that’s alright – that’s what we are going to talk about today!

Well, boiling a cup helps in sterilizing it, allowing you to keep it in its tiptop condition. Moreover, some menstrual cup requires boiling at least once or twice a month, and some cups don’t.

And of course, before you decide to boil your cup, make sure to read the manufacturer’s information first. This will let you figure out if your menstrual cup needs boiling or not. Furthermore, there are many ways to clean your cup effectively, and boiling is one of the easiest and effective ways to safely clean your menstrual cup.

Also, the reason why some women boil their cups is for hygienic purposes. But the real question is: when to boil menstrual cup? This question leaves most cup users confused. But luckily for you and other menstrual cup users – we have the right answer for that! Well, so let’s not wait any longer and just get into the details below.

Menstrual Cup: When to Boil It?

Boil it after your period
placing cup in water

As I have said, boiling a cup sanitizes it. And as much as possible, don’t forget to give it a good boil after your period is over. This will let you completely clean the cup inside and out. After you are done boiling it, wipe it dry, store it, and just use it whenever you need the cup again.

But before you boil, thoroughly wash your menstrual cup with water first. Rinse it well to remove all the blood residue. In addition, make sure that there’s no residue left behind as hot water can cause the stains to set. For this, you can start by rinsing it with a cold water first, then only proceed with rinsing it with hot water once done.

And to finish, put your cup in a boiling water to completely sanitize it. Once done, wipe it off with a clean tissue or wipes, and wait for it to dry. Then you can just re-insert it back into your vagina or use it the next time you need it. Boiling helps remove the germs or infection from your cup.

Just don’t forget and remember to boil it once a month. This will allow you to take care not only of your menstrual cup but yourself also. And boiling will keep your cup’s quality for some time. Besides, this is an easy process. You’ll only need a pot and water for this one! But be careful and check your cup as much as you can on the whole boiling process.

When your cup has an unpleasant odor
menstrual cup odor

Yes, this might be surprising to you, but menstrual cups can smell. Although most cups available today are made of medical grade silicone, which is odor-free, your cup may smell overtime. But don’t be embarrassed if you notice that your cup is smelling. There is still a solution for that.

Fortunately, a simple solution such as boiling can help remove its unpleasant odor. You can boil it for at least 5 to 10 minutes or more. Continue doing it until you’re completely satisfied with the result. Boiling a cup can help minimize and possibly remove the odor that is coming from your menstrual cup.

Just keep an eye on your cup on the whole boiling process all the time and ensure that it won’t touch the bottom of the pot. The bottom part of the pot will get hot and might burn or damage your cup. Moreover, be very careful in removing your cup as the water is extremely hot.

And if ever your menstrual cup gets damaged, you may need to replace it with a new one. Using a ruined cup is uncomfortable, so if ever that it gets any damage, move on and immediately get a new menstrual cup.

You cup's color is fading
menstrual cup discoloration

Don’t panic if you see that your menstrual cup’s color is fading – that’s just normal! This is just a common problem and cups tend to discolor over time. Furthermore, the discoloration won’t affect its quality – don’t you worry! Only the color will fade, but it’s still safe and usable.

And for you to prevent discoloration, simply boiling your menstrual cup should get the job done. This will allow you to keep its color for some time. But don’t forget that it will still fade from to time, no matter how well you maintain your cup. The discoloration is unavoidable, but boiling your cup can help slow down the discoloration if done regularly.

From YouTube:
How To Sterilise Your Menstrual Cup In Boiling Water

On the video below we can see Eco Fluffy Mama demonstrate how to boil a cup using the whisk method.

Well, the tips provided above will let you figure out the right time to boil your menstrual cup. Boiling your cup daily can help reduce and remove its unpleasant odor, prevent its discoloration, and of course, sterilize it. I know you’ll get to enjoy and experience all your cup’s benefits when you use it in its excellent condition.

And for that to be possible, a simple boil is just the solution! Knowing when to boil menstrual cup helps you maintain it, making it not only very safe but also comfortable to use. Without a doubt, the benefits of cups are endless! And you’ll be able to use your cup to the fullest if it’s properly taken care of.

Through boiling, you’ll allow your cup to last longer, which will provide you the remarkable benefits during your irritating red days! We can’t deny the fact that the comfort and satisfaction that a menstrual cup can provide are certainly amazing. In addition, it’s one of the best menstrual products out there.

With a cup by your side, you’ll be able to welcome your period with a smile and confidence – and that’s possible to happen! Once you use a menstrual cup, I know – you’ll never go back. Also, freedom is possible to achieve – even during your period. Undoubtedly, it’s really convenient to have a menstrual cup with you all the time.

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