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Caring for Others


Caring for Others is something that we all should incorporate in our lives. We can do this by making important choices when buying our daily necessities as we can do this when we help elderly people without asking, and selecting the charity that doesn't consume the given funds to rents and salaries like those bigger charities do. We should help others near and far through our choices and actions daily if possible.


Our Fight Against Genital Mutilation

FGM in Tanzania

Girls in Tanzania have to face a horrid fate when they are forced to go through FGM. This is usually at the four-week school break, which is also referred as “the cutting season”.
They are being forced to go through Female Genital Mutilation, excision of external sexual organs to be exact.

Our Search for New Charities

We are looking to find Charities in need.

We have VERY strict policies about how we help and who we help. We won't help the government or military or city officials. We won't support any charity that can't provide enough evidence that our help is going directly to the ones in need.
We won't be giving our aid to third hand charities, we are all about as direct aid as possible.

We will help people in all over the world. Not just in developing countries. We will help people in any country.

Help won't be money in most cases, since money has a tendency to help only those who first sees it and shares it.

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