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Caring Panda is Here to Stay


Hello You! I want to introduce the people and the philosophy behind the Caring Panda:

I’m Andy, a father for my daughter and a husband for my wife.
I hope to change the world for a better place and I dream that one day we could live just like the Kilchers do at the Discovery Channel. I’d like to see people using products that are sustainable and healthy, and usually even outperforming those “throw it away”, single use -products!

With me here is my Wife, and she is the brain behind our endeavor to change Your life to more environmentally sound and sustainable. My Wife always reminds me that we will save money when using durable and washable products and that the environment thanks us in the end.

How did we begin our journey as a reusable -users?

It started in the year 2008 when my Wife was pregnant. At first, my wife began to buy gauze to the kitchen, to use instead of those paper towels.
The Brother sewing machineI was a bit worried when I arrived home from work and found my wife behind a pile of textiles in the kitchen and saw a sewing machine at the end of the kitchen table.
My wife started to explain enthusiastically about reusable nappies that could be washed over and over again. At the time, I was quite worried that would whose textiles be of any use.
Too little I knew, soon my wife had sewn over ten reusable nappies with waterproof PUL-layer and all. She even managed to sew those elastic bands into them, so that the nappies wrinkled nicely when not stretched. After a month, she decided to sew removable suction pads Singer sergerto the diapers, so that they would dry faster after being washed. Soon I found myself at the shop for old sewing machines, and we bought an overlock sewing machine.
Then the miracle of birth happened, and we found ourselves blessed with a daughter! Soon I realized that the sewing frenzy had begun.

My wife sew so many nappies and suction pads that there were enough to sell them. We made around 10 of them to the local flea market, and they sold within a day. After that, we took to the flea market those nappies that our daughter started to grow out from, and they sold almost immediately.Cloth Nappies

We didn’t think about that as anything strange since we had our day full of household chores. We continued to use nature-friendly products and everything that is reusable and washable.

Then the Kilchers arrived at the Discovery Channel. We started to think the way our priorities are twisted and the way our surroundings is filled with items that are designed to be thrown away.
We watched several documents about the true state of our economics and the inequality of the world in Netflix, we wanted to try and make the world a better place. If it didn’t affect our daughter, maybe it would help her children’s lives.

Inside of me started a spark that wanted to get away from this circle-of-labour, I wanted to work for me and my family, and if possible change the world around us little by little. I wanted to make the sustainable living in reach for everybody. I wanted to bring a different version of the economy to the awareness of the people that already liked to use sustainable and money-saving products. And in time, the life of my dreams is sustainable living, by using solar energy, wind energy, and growing our food, and to forget the stressful life we live in the city while working for someone else.

This is when I started to listen to the Pat Flynn’s podcast for bloggers. I created a blog, but I didn’t have enough energy&motivation to keep writing, again and again, trying to find free GPL pictures to add to my blog and creating content day after day. Then one day while commuting I heard Pat Flynn to interview some lady that sold products at the Amazon. She and her husband scoured the local stores and bought items that were heavily discounted, and they were making a lot of money that way. I thought that maybe this is my chance to work for myself.

So I started to scout the local malls to find stuff I could sell, but it wasn’t that easy. I found some but only some of those products sold fast, some slow and others didn’t even have any listing in Amazon. And at the same time, I was rectifying the phenomenon that I so much hated. I was throwing stuff that “buy it all” consumers would buy and throw away. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

My wife and I created a strategy that we should create a brand that would entail only products that last long, and while using those products, they would replace multiple one-time products. And this way we could help the environment, change our lives and spread the word about the nonsense we live in.

This was a rather long story, but to summarize it: My wife and I want to make this the portal/blog/resource for those people that liked to change the world into a better place, for those people that care the future of their grandchildren. Products that are sold here are of high quality and using them will save the environment compared to the “throw-it-away” -option.

I hope that we could find a way to form a community, maybe a forum, a place to talk the ways to save ourselves from the stressful life and to save the environment thru our choices.

By the way, those photos above are hot linked from Wikipedia, by creative commons licence. I will add my own photos when I have the time to take them.



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