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Caring for others and nature gives us so much more than it takes. We here at Caring Panda think that we should treat everyone with respect, no matter their background, religion or location. Caring is what it essentially is, think about the nature and person next to you, how would you feel to be in the same position


It isn't necessarily about helping nature and people far away. You can care for the people and nature in your community, we hope that you will find a way to help your next door neighbour or keep the nature clean by caring, whether that caring would mean cleaning the parks, holding the door open for anyone anytime, giving a helping hand for someone in someway without them needing to ask for it.


We hope to show below how we help people, and give ideas how you or anyone else could take direct action to help anyone and everyone without those big multinational "charity" corporations.


For Others

Girls Safe House
in Tanzania

For Nature

Plastic Pollution: What Earth Will Look Like if
We Don't Reduce Plastic Waste
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