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How to Choose
Menstrual Cup

What Menstrual Cup to Choose

Are you wondering what’s the right menstrual cup for you? Well, choosing a cup that fit you well may take you some time, but once you find the right one for you – it’ll be worth it. But there’s no perfect cup, really.

Most of the time, the best cup for you depends on your personal preference alone. Also, keep in mind that each female anatomy is different from everyone. Luckily for you and every woman out there, there are a wide variety of cups to choose from.

However, as I have said – it may take you a few tries before you find the right menstrual cup. But don’t you worry about that! Today we’ll show you how to know what menstrual cup to choose. Let’s get into it below.

Factors to Consider on Choosing the Right Cup

The location of your cervix

Yes, the position of the cervix is important on selecting a menstrual cup. Some cervix is low, some are high, and some is in medium height. So, let’s first tackle on how you can identify the height of your cervix and how to choose the cup based on the location of your cervix.

measuring cervix height to determine the right cup for you

Your cervix is high when you can get to insert your whole finger into your vagina before you feel the cervix. If you have a high cervix, a longer menstrual cup would be a perfect choice. You may or may not remove the stem – this depends on you.

Your cervix is medium when you can insert your finger to the second knuckle before you feel the cervix. If your cervix is medium height, then you’ll benefit to almost any types of menstrual cups.

Your cervix is low when you can insert your finger in up to the first knuckle before you touch the cervix. For those with low cervix, a shorter menstrual cup will get the job done. Furthermore, you may remove some part of the stem or the entire stem to ensure that it is not sticking out of your vagina.

Now that you understand how the location of your cervix is essential for you to find out what cup would fit you perfectly, let’s go ahead and talk about the best and right menstrual cup for new users.

choose a cup that fits perfectly for you

The best and right menstrual cup for beginners

New cup users, specifically for virgins and younger girls – they may find it difficult to use a menstrual cup at first. But that’s just normal! Moreover, they might need to take a bit of practice to get the hang of it.

Also, if you are a virgin, you should be aware that inserting the menstrual cup may rupture the hymen. Although being a virgin is not a problem, you may experience some inconvenience since your vaginal muscle is tighter – which makes insertion quite a challenge.

For first-time cup users, it is greatly recommended for them to use a cup that is shorter and smaller. A smaller cup has a squishier consistency which makes insertion a breeze.

Moreover, don’t forget to relax and calm down before inserting and before removing the cup – this may help you a lot! Give yourself some time to practice, and you’ll be comfortable using a menstrual cup over time.

Your menstrual flow

normal to heavy menstrual flow

During your red days, as much as you can, always pay attention to how much you bleed. This will allow you to determine the right cup depending on the flow of your period. It doesn’t matter if the cup you prefer is small or large, don’t forget that your comfort is the priority here.

Consider having a cup that offers the largest capacity when you are having a heavy menstrual flow. For you to be comfortable during a heavy period, getting a large size menstrual cup is without a doubt the best solution for that.

In addition, if you’re on a light menstrual flow, a small cup should do just fine. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use a small-sized cup, you can also use a large cup if that is comfortable for you.

Well, everyone is different. What is heavy flow to you is just normal flow to other women. Just figure out what is “normal” to you – this way you can identify the appropriate menstrual cup for you in no time.

The firmness of the cup

Some menstrual cups are firm and there are cups that are soft. What works and what’s not will depend on different reasons. And here’s how you can effortlessly find it out.

Firmer cups would benefit you well if you’re active, have a great pelvic tone, and do lots of physical exercises. Having a good pelvic tone will allow the cup to easily pop and stay – this will form a good seal. However, some women find using a firmer cup less comfortable. Although that may be true, consider getting a firmer cup if you are regularly active and has a sensitive bladder. A firm cup has a thick rim that may press on the bladder, which is uncomfortable.

Softer cups are the best type of cup for you if you have some issues on your bladder, or you’re not just comfortable using a firmer cup. Some menstrual cup users find softer cups to leak, which is very annoying. But the effect of softer cups might be different for you. Softer cups are much easier to insert, but it may not easily pop open if your internal muscles are strong. This might not be a good choice for girls and women who are too sporty. And this works best for women who have sensitivity issues.

It’s amazing how the menstrual cups are there to provide us the freedom, comfort, and satisfaction during the red days. However, each woman’s vagina is unique.

You may have to try and try different types of cups before you actually find out the right menstrual cup that would work best for you and what is not. Although this process may consume some of your time – using a menstrual cup that you can comfortably wear is a great experience to have! Let this be your guide to help you find the right menstrual cup for you.

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