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Choosing Wisely


If you want to help the future of our planet as much as we here at Caring Panda do, you must choose wisely about your purchases. It all starts from the local store, every time you pop in there to buy the essential stuff for everyday needs.

This part of our site is about the Choices that we do daily and the impacts that we leave behind sometimes even without noticing. Doing the most ecological thing might be too much to ask for, but thinking ecologically is easy to learn, and soon it becomes your second nature.

Read our pages of the daily choices to learn what is what and how to use the new reusable products that benefit your health, our planet and even your wallet!
For now there are pages that handle the products that we have to offer a replacement for. Switching from disposables to reusables! 

How to Choose natural and safe children products
How to choose safe household products for whole family
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