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How to Fold Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cup Folds

The secret to easily insert a menstrual cup lies in one technique – the fold. In fact, there are many different folding methods for menstrual cups. Some folds may work for you, and some may not. Well, the result of different menstrual cup folds is different to each woman as every individual’s anatomy is unique.

Furthermore, in order to find out what fold would fit you best, you must try different folds until you find one that perfectly suits you. It may take you some time and practice to figure out which folding method works for you.

And today, we are going to talk about how to fold menstrual cup. Also, we’re going to tackle the different folding methods for menstrual cups that will allow you to insert a menstrual cup much easier and comfortable than before.

Different Folding Methods for Menstrual Cups

C-Fold, U-Fold, or Heart Fold

This particular fold is the most popular, simplest, and one of the basic folds that most women use. Many women find this folding method very convenient as it is really that easy to do. However, for younger girls, they may find this fold intimidating as this type of fold is thick – making insertion quite tricky.

How to do: To do this, begin with an open cup. Next, simply pinch the cup closed. Finally, press the sides of the cup and then fold it in half. Once you see the C, the U, or the Heart-shaped fold, then congratulations – you successfully did it right!

Shell Fold or Punch Down Fold

For younger cup users, the punch down fold may fit them just right. This technique will allow you to insert the cup easier as this fold makes the cup smaller, making insertion a breeze. Also, once inside your vagina, don’t forget to gently move it to check if the cup is properly open. Moreover, it’s very simple to do.

How to do: First, start with an open cup. Now, place a finger on the upper rim of the cup and press it down into the center of the base. Once pressed, pinch the cup tightly together so it won’t pop out of the fold.

Triangle Fold or 7 Fold

The name of the fold may sound tricky, but actually, it isn’t that difficult to do. If other methods don’t seem to work for you, the 7 Fold or Triangle Fold is may be the solution for easy insertion.

How to do:

Starting from an open cup, simply close the cup by pinching it. Then, fold the top right of the menstrual cup diagonally towards the lower left side. Once properly done, you’ll notice the shape of the rim resembling the number 7. If the first insertion is not successful, that’s alright.  Just keep repeating the process until the cup is completely open inside.

Origami Fold

The menstrual cup origami fold may not work for everyone, particularly for new cup users, as this fold can be quite tricky. Although the origami fold isn’t recommended for beginners, this method will get the job done. Similar to the popular Punch Down Fold, the Origami Fold has a small insertion point, which will let you insert it smoothly. Also, this method pops open easily.

How to do: Press the upper rim down towards the inside base of the cup. While pressing on the top rim, bring one side of the menstrual cup across the other and down. Then press the cup flat – this will create folds at the bottom of the menstrual cup. Lastly, pinch the bottom of the cup and you’re good to go. You may find the origami fold difficult to do, but once done and inserted correctly – it’ll be worth it.

From YouTube: ​
9 Great Menstrual Cup Fold Techniques

On the video below Put A Cup In It demonstrates 9 menstrual folds that are beginner friendly. Do check it out!

Steps to Properly Fold a Cup

Now that you understand the different menstrual cup folds, let’s figure out how you can properly fold a cup for an easier insertion.

First Step: The Fold
As given above, we have different folds for the menstrual cup. Also, it is the first step to an easier insertion. In addition, the fold you would be using depends on you alone. Feel free to pick the fold that works for you to make the insertion of the menstrual cup comfortable.

Second Step: The Hold
Don’t forget to grab the fold firmly. Make sure to get a good grip so it doesn’t spring open before or while you are inserting it into your vagina.

Third Step: The Insertion
Before inserting the cup, relax and calm down. This will allow your vaginal muscles to relax, making it easier for you to insert the cup. Now, proceed and gently push the cup into the vaginal opening.

Fourth Step: The Seal and Rotation
Some women can do a full rotation and some can only do half. Well, the rotation technique isn’t necessary, but it may help you to ensure that the cup is sealed and fully open.
Start by gripping the base of the cup. Then turn the cup in one full rotation in any direction and horizontally push it until you feel the “pop”. The pop will allow you to figure out if the menstrual cup is completely open, and once successfully done – would create a seal. The seal will let your cup hold into your vagina tightly.

proper folding of menstrual cup

Properly folding a menstrual cup will allow you to effortlessly insert it straight into your vagina. If you are a new cup user and you’re looking for different ways to fold your menstrual cup, then you are in the right place.

Although there are several folds out there, not every fold would work for you. But don’t worry about that – you’ll find the right fold for you after some few tries and practices. And your body will get used to it over time.

Inserting a menstrual cup will be much easier, comfortable, and satisfying once you properly figure out what type of fold would suit your body well. Moreover, don’t give up and keep trying – try different menstrual cup folds until you find the perfect fold that would provide you the superb comfort and satisfaction.

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