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Why Get a Menstrual Cup

Without a doubt, menstrual cups have made most women’s life much cheaper and easier. But why should get a menstrual cup? Is it worth it? Menstrual cups, being an excellent alternative to traditional pads and tampons, are chemical-free and provides you the freedom and satisfaction during your irritating red days.

The benefits that a Diva cup can offer to women are truly outstanding, but here’s the question: why get a menstrual cup in the first place? If you have been questioning this question to yourself for some time, we’ll be glad to share the answer with you!

Today, we are going to tackle the reasons why you should get a menstrual cup as soon as possible. So, let’s not wait any longer and proceed below.

Reasons To Get a Menstrual Cup

You have no limitations

When you are on your period, your movements are limited. But with a menstrual cup, there are no limitations! You can work, play, and even exercise with no worries about leaking.

You can also sleep at night peacefully as you can wear it for up to 12 hours. Need to travel? That’s nothing to worry about! With a Diva cup, you can travel with ease you don’t need to plan ahead for disposal and packing.

You’ll feel that you are not on your cycle when you are using a cup. That’s how comfortable it is to have one. But wait, there’s more!

Cups hold more liquid

Having a heavy flow? That’s not an issue as Diva cup is available in different sizes and capacity. Moreover, a cup is capable of holding more liquid than pads and tampons. Menstrual cups can manage any stage of your period. This remarkable benefit provides comfort and fulfillment for women with heavy flow.

You’ll suffer fewer leaks

When a cup is properly inserted, it will form a suction and this will prevent your menstrual blood to leak. If you are tired of experiencing leakage, don’t worry – Diva cups are here for you! Using a cup will allow you to suffer fewer leaks, which will make your red days much satisfying than before.

Helps you save money

Not only that menstrual cups are good for your life and body, it’s also good for your pocket! One menstrual cup can last for some years – this would be possible with a proper care. A single cup would only cost you $30. And the good news? Cups are reusable, and with a proper care, could last forever! Compared to tampons and pads, which are only disposable, you’ll get to save more money over time when you use a Diva cup.

You don’t feel that there’s something inside you

Yes, this is possible to happen when a cup is completely open. You won’t be able to see or feel that it’s even there if it’s inserted right! With a cup, you’ll get to live your life comfortably during your period.

Cups are safe to use

Diva cups are commonly made of medical grade silicone. Also, it is eco-friendly. Menstrual cups don’t contain any chemicals, toxins, or bleach, that might cause irritation or discomfort in your vagina.

In addition, it can help drastically decrease the risk of yeast and other common vaginal infections. Not only that cups are good for your body, it can also help protect the environment.

Diva cups last longer for up to 12 hours

It doesn’t matter how light or heavy your menstrual flow is, cups can last longer for up to 12 hours! With this, you can still have a good night sleep even during your cycle. With the help of Diva cups, you can still shop and party hard without your period bothering you.

It won’t let you dry out

Tampons are a good menstrual product, the only downside is – it dries you out. But with a cup, it collects the cup instead of absorbing it. In addition, there’s no way for you to dry out when you consider using the cup for your next cycle.

It’s very easy to use

First, relax and calm down, insert the cup, and that’s it! And removing it is similar to the way you insert it. That’s how easy it is to use one. However, if you are a first-timer, you may need more time and practice to get the hang of it. But once you master it, you’ll get to experience and enjoy all its splendid benefits!

Diva cups are easy to clean

Cleaning a cup isn’t that difficult! You only need a water to rinse it and a clean dry tissue to wipe it dry. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean it so you won’t leave any residue behind. Moreover, don’t forget to sterilize it for at least once or twice a month to keep it fresh and for it to survive longer.

No more stains on your underwear

Tired of having stains on your favorite underwear? That will never be a problem when you get a menstrual cup! A cup is a great alternative when you’re not comfortable using a tampon or a pad. Moreover, it can effectively prevent leaking if a cup is correctly inserted.

Reduce the risk of TSS

Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS is a rare though serious disease that could be fatal to your health. Furthermore, pads and tampons are highly toxic and if used for a long time, could lead to some serious health complications, including the TSS.

But thankfully, menstrual cups are chemical-free and is made of medical grade silicone. It collects the blood instead of absorbing it just like what pads and tampons do. Using a Diva cup will allow you to reduce the risk of TSS, which is a good news for you and every woman out there!

So, there you have it, ladies! Above shows the reasons why you should get a menstrual cup. Undoubtedly, you’ll enjoy your period more when you have a Diva cup by your side! With a menstrual cup, you will have the comfort, fulfillment, and freedom, that will provide you superb confidence – even during your annoying period. Without a doubt, a cup is all you need during your cycle!

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