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How Menstrual Cup Works

Menstrual Cups? How Does it Work?

Menstrual cups are a great alternative to pads and tampons. Well, what’s special about it? It is hygienic, safe, comfortable, and easy to use if used correctly. Also, menstrual cups are eco-friendly, reusable, and can last long for up to 12 hours.

Furthermore, if you are tired of using the regular pads during your red days, try using a menstrual cup instead. With all these benefits, we can say that menstrual cups works like a magic indeed. But what’s the secret about this? How menstrual cup works? And that’s what we are going to figure out today. Let’s find out what is a menstrual cup first.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is available in different sizes – from small, medium, and to large. It is flexible and is made of latex rubber or silicone, making it easier to insert into your vagina. Moreover, it has a bell shape form which acts as a storage of your menstrual flow.

In addition, a menstrual cup has a stem that will allow you and every cup user to effortlessly insert and remove it when needed. It doesn’t absorb your flow just like as tampons and pads, but instead catches and collects it.

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Well, the good news is that you only need to empty it after 2-4 hours. But of course, this depends on how light or heavy your flow is. Additionally, it doesn’t easily leak if inserted and worn properly. However, for first-time cup users, they may find the cup leaking – but that’s just normal! All you need is more time and practice, and you’ll get used to it.


However, if it’s not doing its job right, which is to collect your flow, then maybe there’s something wrong. If you find your menstrual cup not working properly regularly – that’s not good news! But don’t you worry about that – we have the solution for that.

Menstrual Cup Not Working Properly

Do you find your cup leaking regularly? Well, there are many reasons why your menstrual cup is not doing its job well. It could be the way you insert it or remove it, but there’s more to it than that.

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If you don’t really have any idea why your menstrual cup is not working properly – that’s alright because we are here for you. And to help you understand the common reasons why your cup isn’t working properly, we’ve collected some of it. Let’s take a look below.

Your cup doesn’t fit you

We have different cups of different sizes available today. If you’re not comfortable with a cup you’re using, it might be because it isn’t the right cup for you. The solution is to find the perfect cup that will provide you the complete comfort during your red days. Yes, it might take you some time, but in the end – it’ll be worth it.

You should also know that every woman’s anatomy is unique. You would find some cups working for you, but not for the others. Also, for beginners – their first time using a cup can be an intimidating experience for them.

But as I have said, each woman is different. Some women may struggle to insert the cup, particularly on their first time. And some women may require a couple of tries to succeed. Moreover, successfully inserting a menstrual cup is a wonderful experience – you’ll get to experience all its remarkable benefits!

If you’re not satisfied with your cup, move on and try a different one. Don’t stop until you figure out which type of cups works best for you.

You put the menstrual cup incorrectly

Your cup needs to be fully open to form a seal. When a seal is formed, your cup will stay and cannot be removed easily, unless you break the seal. There’s a possibility that you may experience a leak when a cup is not completely open, and that’s something you don’t want to happen.

Well, luckily for you and every woman out there, there are different folds for a menstrual cup. These folds will let you put a cup into your vagina easily, smoothly, and correctly. Furthermore, finding a fold that perfectly suits your body will allow your menstrual cup to effortlessly open. Experiment with different folds and you’ll find the right one for you over time.

You have weak vaginal muscles

Yes, your vaginal muscles can affect how your cup behave. Moreover, if you have weak vaginal muscles, which commonly happens after a pregnancy, your vaginal muscles may not be strong enough to hold your cup properly.

But that’s not a problem. There are some pelvic floor muscle exercises you can do to strengthen it back again. And before you try any of these, better consult a specialist first to ensure that you are fit for these pelvic floor muscle exercises.

Once you are clear, spend some time doing pelvic exercises. Your pelvic floor muscles will be strong again, which will allow you to experience all your cup’s amazing benefits in no time.

You are pulling the cup out on its stem

As much as possible, don’t pull the stem of your menstrual cup when you are removing it. Pulling it out on the stem might cause the cup to leak. Also, new cup users often experience this mistake.

Keep in mind that the removal of the cup is pretty much the same as the insertion. However, for you to effortlessly remove it out, you must always gently squeeze the base of the menstrual cup. This will allow you to release the seal for an easier removal.

If it’s impossible for you to reach the base due to some reason, you can either push the cup down with your vaginal muscles or pull the cup on its stem very carefully. Make sure to relax and calm down throughout the whole removal process. This will let your vaginal muscles to also relax, which will make the removal of the menstrual cup a breeze.

You forgot to rotate the cup

You can ensure that your cup is fully open by turning it a full 360 degrees in either direction. Some women are capable of rotating it in full turn and some can only do half. As long as it works, either with half or full rotation, then you are good to go.

In addition, a cup is more likely to leak if it doesn’t form a seal. The solution for this is the rotation of the menstrual cup itself. Take it slow and gently move it to make sure that it is completely open after the rotation.

Well, there you have it! Now that you understand how menstrual cup works, feel free to try it anytime you want. You’ll never how comfortable it is to use one until you try it yourself! You may struggle for the first time of using it, but you’ll get used to it after some practice. Furthermore, the benefits that it offers is a whole new experience to have. Also, if you’re regularly experiencing problems with your cup, let this be your guide to make sure that your cup is working properly.

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