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How to Insert a Menstrual
Cup for Virgins

Virgin’s Guide to Menstrual Cup Insertion

Are you wondering how to insert menstrual cup when you are a virgin? Is there a right menstrual cup for virgins? If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place – we have the answer you’re looking for!

Well, the truth is – being a virgin is never an obstacle to use a menstrual cup. But if you are a virgin, the insertion of the cup can be a challenge as your vaginal muscles are tighter.

But don’t you worry about that! Your body will adapt to accommodate the cup over time. All you need is time and more practice to get used to it. Moreover, today we’ll show you some helpful tips that will allow you to successfully insert menstrual cup if you’re a virgin or a beginner.

Menstrual Cup Tips for Virgins

Keep in mind that inserting the cup might be painful at first. Since your vaginal muscles are tight, the insertion process can be quite difficult. Also, don’t forget that your hymen is still intact if you are a virgin. And in fact, some women are even born without hymen.

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Well, using a menstrual cup might tear, stretch, or damage your hymen. But don’t worry about this – your virginity is safe as you only lose it via sexual intercourse. Also, aside from sex, you can also tear or damage your hymen through strenuous activities such as dancing, horse riding, stretching, and more.

So, if you’re one of those with a religion or culture that considers virginity sacred, we recommend women, young girls in particular,  to talk with their mother about this first.

Some cultures believe that the hymen needs to be intact in order to be a virgin. And if you are a part of this culture, it’s much better to hear your mother’s opinion about this as using a cup can break your hymen, especially if you are a teenager or a virgin.

Furthermore, we’re going to tackle some effective tips that will allow you to be comfortable with using cups. Let’s go ahead and proceed below!

relax-while-inserting-menstrual cup

Relax, calm down, and
don’t tense up

Don’t panic, relax, and focus. That’s the first thing you should do. Being tense will only make the situation more difficult. Just calm down and do things gently! Yes, this can be painful at first, but from time to time – it’ll get better.

Well, being young or a virgin, your vaginal muscles may be very tense. You might feel a bit of discomfort and pain at first, but that’s nothing to worry about.

One thing you can do to lessen the risk of pain is by relaxing yourself. This will allow your vaginal muscles to also relax, which makes it effortless for you to insert a menstrual cup into your vagina.

get to know your body before inserting menstrual cup

Get to know your body

If you’re not familiar well with your body, then get to know your body. Simply find the entrance of your vagina. Sounds easy, right?

But for some younger people or virgins, they can have some trouble locating it. It’s because the entrance is angled way a bit. To find it easily, begin at the front of the genital area, and explore your way back until you feel an opening

You can also try sticking a finger in your vagina just a little bit. Moreover, don’t rush and carefully try to reach as high as you can. If it hurts, then stop and just try it again later. Doing this will allow you to get used to having something in and out of your vagina.

But remember to take things slowly and be very careful. Take a break if anything feels uncomfortable. You can try it again some other time. Also, before you begin, make sure to wash your hands first – for sanitary purposes. Don’t just wash your hands, wash it thoroughly to reduce and eliminate the bacteria on your hands.

different menstrual cup folds

Experiment with different folds

Don’t just stick to your favorite fold, there are more of them! Try different folds to find out what fold works best for your body. Folds such as the popular Punch Down Fold, Origami Fold, and 7-Fold has a tiny insertion point, which will make the insertion much easier.

From YouTube:
9 Great Menstrual Cup Fold Techniques

Put A Cup In It from youtube shows 9 great folds for beginners in the video below. Take a look to have better understanding of the most popular and easy menstrual cup folds.

use menstrual cup lubricant

Use a lubricant

Well, you can try a dry run, but this can be more painful. If you think you can’t try your menstrual cup on a dry run, grab some lubricant! Also, water can also make the insertion easier. But if it’s not working, a lube is an excellent alternative and is much effective than water. Using a lubricant, particularly a water-based lube like Yes Lube, K-Y Jelly, Astroglide, Sliquid, Nooky, and many more, will let you insert your cup more smoothly and with less to no pain if properly done right.

Menstrual Cup for Virgins

There’s no perfect menstrual cup for virgins, really. In fact, every woman’s anatomy is unique. It may take you some time to find the perfect cup that’ll provide you the superb comfort. Well, for first-time cup users or virgins, the insertion part is very intimidating. But that’s alright – don’t sweat it out! All you have to do is find the right cup and the insertion would be a breeze. And now, let’s figure out which is the best menstrual cup for virgins.

Choosing the right menstrual cup for virgins

To start, don’t just automatically pick the smallest cup – that’s a huge mistake. Well, for virgins or beginners, they can’t help but do this as of course, it’s their first time and they are nervous.  Also, it is indeed true that younger people and virgins will find a small size cup comfortable. But it also depends on which brand you choose. Some offer 3 sizes, instead of two.

So, here we’ll give you some of the best menstrual cups for virgins. Take a look below.

Best Period Cups For Virgins

Lunette 1 (Small)

Lunette 1 is a small, soft, and flexible cup, which works best for young women or virgins. It also suits those with lighter flow and its safe to use since it is made of medical grade silicone.

DivaCup (Small)

The Divacup is available in 2 sizes – small and large. The smaller cup suits virgins well as it is much softer and flexible in comparison to the larger size DivaCup.

Well, there are more cups available for virgins, and above are some of them.

And as much as possible, avoid picking the smallest menstrual cup unless you have an extremely light flow. Moreover, a small cup won’t hold that much liquid. You will only find yourself constantly emptying it.

If your flow is about average, a medium size cup will get the job done. And for heavy flow, consider having a large size for this. Furthermore, it is recommended for virgins to use the smallest size cup because it is much softer and squishier compared to medium and large cups.

This will let you insert a menstrual cup as easy as a piece of cake. But this won’t always work. You should also select the type of cup based on how light or heavy your flow is.

Also, similar to insertion, the removal of the cup might take you some time to master, especially if you are a virgin. But don’t you worry! Even those with experience also find it a bit difficult to remove a cup sometimes. But from time to time, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll get to enjoy and experience all your period cup’s wonderful benefits.

From YouTube: How to Remove a Menstrual Cup

Below is another helpful video from Put A Cup In It that you might find handy when trying to remove your menstrual cup for the first time.

So, there you go! Above are some tips that can help virgins insert a menstrual cup easily. Now that you understand the right menstrual cup for virgins, just take your time and practice – you’ll be a master in no time! As I have said, virginity isn’t an obstacle, but a challenge.  And for you to surpass this, let the tips given above guide you for you to easily insert and achieve all the wonderful benefits of a menstrual cup.

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