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Which Menstrual Cup is
Best for Beginners

For beginners, using a menstrual cup can be quite intimidating. Well, it's nothing to worry about – that’s just normal, really. Are you  one of those who is confused and interested to know which menstrual cup is best for beginners? Then you are definitely in the right place!

Luckily for you and other women out there, menstrual cups are for everyone at any age. In fact, there are cups that are specifically designed for cup newbies, so, today we’re going to figure out which menstrual cup is best for beginners like you. Knowing the right cup that fits you well will allow you to have the freedom and achieve comfort during your menstruation.

Let’s talk about it below, shall we?

Best Menstrual Cup For Virgins

You can’t lose your virginity by only using a cup – that’s impossible. Although a menstrual cup can either stretch or break your hymen, it won’t take your precious virginity at all. You can only lose your virginity through sexual intercourse. Aside from sex, you can also accidentally break your hymen by doing strenuous activities such as biking, stretching, dancing, and horseback riding.

menstrual cup for virgins

A hymen can stretch or break without women knowing it but that won’t pop your cherry! If you are a virgin, you may find your first cup insertion quite uncomfortable, but that’s just normal as you are not used to putting things inside and out of your vagina.

Over time, your body will get the hang of it, making it much comfortable for you to use a period cup. Even if you’re a virgin, the good news is you can still use a menstrual cup! You might want to avoid a larger cup on your first time though, as it may feel too large and may provide you discomfort.

Virgins might want to find and try a smaller cup since it is softer and much flexible than medium and large menstrual cups. You can also use some water-based lube to help you easily insert the cup in. Don’t forget to take your time and relax during the insertion, this helps a lot.

Since you are a virgin, your vaginal muscles are tighter and relaxing helps loosen and relax your vaginal muscles. When nervous, you may find it quite difficult to insert your cup. It’s because your vaginal muscles get tense and tighter.

If you feel some discomfort or pain during the insertion, just stop and try it again when you’re ready. Don’t rush it and do things slowly. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a master in no time!

Best Menstrual Cup For Non-Virgins

Women, particularly non-virgins, may find it much easier to insert a menstrual cup on their first time. Because they are not a virgin anymore, their vaginal muscles are not that tight compared to virgins although that doesn’t mean they can easily get used to using a period cup that quick. They still need time and practice for them to smoothly insert and remove a menstrual cup.

menstrual cup for non virgins

For non-virgins who are under the age of 30, a small or medium size menstrual cup should do well just fine. Smaller and medium cups are usually softer and not that too firm in comparison to a large menstrual cup.

On the other hand, for non-virgins who are 30, they may need a large or firmer period cup because as we age, our pelvic floor muscles tend to loosen and get weak from time to time. The pelvic floor is commonly strong when we are young, but weakens as we age.

Best Menstrual Cup For Mothers

For beginner cup users, particularly those women who have had given birth already or mothers, they might need to use a cup that is firmer and large in size. What commonly happens after pregnancy is that it stretches the muscles of the pelvic floor, which weakens your those muscles. For this, you may need a cup that is strong and firm enough to support weak pelvic floor muscles.

menstrual cup for mothers

Avoid a smaller cup as it might be too soft for you, leading it to slip down and fall unexpectedly, which may cause irritating leaks. Some women who have given birth can still use a smaller cup even after giving birth and some cannot. Every woman’s anatomy is different so it’s just a matter of trial and error.

Women with weakened pelvic floor due to childbirth should find a firmer or larger menstrual cup – this should work just fine. Don’t wait for your pelvic floor to get strong again, they won’t get stronger by themselves! You may want to strengthen these muscles after each birth or else you’ll find yourself wet more often when you are in your middle age.

Luckily, there are some ways to help you prevent this from happening. These include:

  • Completely emptying your bladder each time you go to toilet
  • Not lifting heavy loads too often
  • Always squeezing or holding your pelvic floor muscles before coughing, lifting, or sniffing
  • Avoiding constipation by drinking plenty of water and foods that are rich in fiber

Do the steps above regularly to ensure that your pelvic floor muscles are working well. You can start these tips during your pregnancy and after birth.

So, there you go! Above you can see which menstrual cup is best for beginners. Let these tips guide you on finding the right cup for you. As a beginner, be patient because it may take you a few tries before you find the menstrual cup that would suit you perfectly!

Without a doubt, this may take you some time, but once you find the right period cup, expect to feel and experience all your cup’s remarkable benefits that will provide you the superb comfort and fulfillment during your irritating red days!

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