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Why Menstrual Cup Leaks

Do you ever ask this to yourself: why is my menstrual cup leaking? There are many reasons why a menstrual cup leak. Do you have any idea why? If you don’t, that’s alright! We got your back. Furthermore, leaking is a common issue, particularly for new cup users.

And even experienced cup users experience cup leaking too – don’t you worry! But over time, you’ll get the hang of it. Sooner or later, you’ll find the right way to easily insert and remove a cup without it spilling all over your favorite jeans.

Moreover, today we’re going to talk about the reasons why your menstrual cup leaks. With this, you’ll get to effortlessly figure out the solution for this common problem, which every cup user – from newbies to expert, experience. Well, let’s get into the details and proceed below.

Why Does My Menstrual Cup Always Leak?

You’re all set and you are ready to go to work, but suddenly you find your menstrual cup leaking. The worst part is, you’re wearing your favorite jeans and you have a meeting ahead. Imagine how frustrating could that be, right? Thankfully, cup leaks are easy to solve once you find out the causes why it leaks. And that’s what we’ll give below.

Your cup is not completely open

This is the most common reason why your cup spill. If your cup is not fully open, the seal will not form. This issue is common to new cup users as this is the stage where they are still getting to know their cup and their body. You would need to take a bit of practice and patience, and you will get the job done from time to time.

In addition, you need to seal the cup in order for your menstrual cup to stay in place. Completely sealing your cup will make it harder for you to remove it unless you break the seal.

All you need to do is to make sure that the cup is completely open as this will allow you to form the seal. Also, it may result in your cup leaking if you fail to tightly seal the cup.

Your cup’s position is incorrect

The angle of your cervix can affect how your menstrual cup behave. Moreover, throughout your menstrual cycle, your cervix can move either higher and lower in the vaginal canal – this also depends on your levels of estrogen.

The menstrual fluid is more likely to flow down the sides of your menstrual cup if you position the rim below the cervix. This is the reason why does menstrual cup leak when you don’t place it properly.

Furthermore, when you place your cervix inside the cup, your cup’s holding capacity is will reduce. You will need to empty it more frequently.

Your cup is full or almost full

This is quite an obvious reason why a cup leaks. If your menstrual cup is almost full or has reached its capacity, your menstrual fluid has a high chance of leakage. Don’t forget that a menstrual cup can only last longer for up to 8 to 12 hours. You may experience a bit of leakage when you use it for more than 12 hours.

Moreover, your cup has a high chance of not leaking if it’s emptied at least 3 to 4 hours a day. This also depends on how light or heavy your menstrual flow is.

Your cup doesn’t fit you well

Using a cup that doesn’t fit your body well may only result in leaking. Also, there are different sizes and types of menstrual cups available on the market today. Keep in mind that every woman’s anatomy is unique. You may find some cup working for you, but not for the others.

In addition, if the cup is too big for you, it may break the seal as your vaginal wall may squeeze the sides of the cup – this will cause it to leak. For women who have just given birth, it is better for them to use a wider cups as it makes it much easier for the walls grip onto the cup.

On the other hand, if the cup is too small for your body, it may slip, may fall, lose the seal, and leak unexpectedly.

Your pelvic floor muscles are too strong

If your pelvic floor muscles are too strong, they can squeeze the walls of your cup, which may cause the seal to break and your menstrual cup to spill or overflow, if it’s already full. Well, having strong pelvic floor muscles is important, but if it’s too much, you are more prone to annoying leaks.

You block the holes in your menstrual cup

The holes in your cup aren’t just there as a decoration. Its purpose is to seal the cup’s suction mechanism when you put it properly in the vagina. Some menstrual cups have 1 to 2 while others have 3 – 4 holes. If these little holes are have any residue left,  it can lessen the effectiveness of the cup seal. This may result in your cup leaking.

The residue in your cup is responsible for the blockage of the holes. If your cup is not regularly cleaned, can leave any residue and potentially block all the little holes.

Well, there you have it! Above shows the common causes why your menstrual cup leaks. This will help you figure out the solution once you understand why your cup is spilling.

I know it’s really frustrating when you find yourself regularly leaking because of your cup. But luckily for you, menstrual cup leaks are easy as a piece of cake to solve! That will only be possible if you find out the causes of the annoying leaks.

If you are still having trouble and doesn’t understand why your cup leaks, don’t worry! Just take your time and practice more. After all, that’s what you all need to achieve and experience all the wonderful benefits that a cup has to offer to you!

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