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How Does Menstrual Cup Look Like

Menstrual Cup: What Does it Looks Like?

A menstrual cup is a reusable, eco-friendly feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during periods. Its purpose is to stop menstrual liquid from leaking anywhere.

The benefits that a menstrual cup has to offer will allow you to feel comfortable and satisfied during your red days. Also, it’s easy to use. Simply insert it into your vagina, and remove it when it’s full or almost full, then empty it. Very simple and convenient indeed!

And for you to understand more about the menstrual cup, we are here to help you! Together, we’re going to talk about what a menstrual cup is and how does menstrual cup look like. So, let’s not wait any longer and proceed below.

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup can last long for up to 12 hours. Well, unlike pads and tampons, it doesn’t absorb the menstrual blood, but instead collect it. But here’s the thing: the insertion part can be painful, particularly for younger girls and virgins. Although it might cause you some discomfort at first, it will allow you to experience all its wonderful benefits once you get the hang of it.

Moreover, it can collect a small or huge amount of menstrual liquid. And of course, this is based on how small or big your cup is. Don’t forget to empty the cup at least every 3-4 hours regularly to avoid annoying leakage.

Also, cleaning a menstrual cup is child’s play! All you have to do is rinse the cup with water, dry it a bit, and reinsert it back again. How convenient is that, right? Furthermore, sterilizing it in a boiling water at least once a month will allow your menstrual cup to lasts longer.

Types of Menstrual Cups

In addition, cups are available in soft, hard, and firm. Menstrual cups that are too firm works best for women with strong pelvic floor muscles. And for new cup users and virgins, a soft cup will get the job done. If you’re comfortable with using soft and hard cups, then a medium should do just fine.

But keep in mind that everyone’s anatomy is unique. You may find some cups working for you, but not for the others. And it may take you some time trying different cups until you find the right menstrual cup that fits you best.

Well, now that you figure out what a menstrual cup is, let’s go and find out what do menstrual cup look like. Let’s check it out below!

What does a menstrual cup look like?

It is a bell-shaped cup, which its purpose is to collect the menstrual liquid and prevent it from leaking. Additionally, it has a stem. The stem is there for you to easily access the bottom of a menstrual cup. Gently holding it along with the base will let you easily remove the menstrual cup in case its full and you need to empty it.

But as much as possible, don’t pull your cup on its stem alone. Not only that it will hurt, it’ll also create a mess. Moreover, some cups have a long stem.

If you’re not comfortable with cups that have a long stem, feel free to trim it a bit to make sure that it’s not sticking out inside your vagina. Some cup users remove the cup’s stem completely. Well, this isn’t necessary, but in case the stem is too long for you, just trim it and you are good to go.

What is a menstrual cup made of?

Most menstrual cups are made of rubber and silicone. Silicone and rubber, being a soft material, make the cup flexible and squishier. But not all cups are soft, some are medium, and some are too firm.

Best menstrual cup for beginners

In addition, the type of menstrual cup that you would find comfortable and suit you best often depends on your personal preference alone. However, it is preferred for young cup users and virgins to use the smallest cup size for an easier insertion. But that doesn’t mean that it’ll be a painless process.

Younger people, especially the virgins, can experience some discomfort during the insertion of the cup as their vaginal muscles are tighter. But their body will adapt and get used to using menstrual cup over time.

Best menstrual cup for heavy flow

Experiencing heavy flow? Don’t you worry! The high capacity menstrual cups are here to save the day. If you think a small to medium size cup won’t be enough for your heavy flow, consider having a cup that has a high capacity.

This way, you won’t need to constantly check your cup. And always ensure to empty the cup before it reaches its capacity. A cup that is full is more likely to leak. So, to avoid leaking – find the nearest bathroom, remove the cup, and empty it. Then reinsert it back or use it whenever you need the cup again.

In addition, don’t forget to wash the menstrual cup before using it again. You can rinse it with water and let it dry for some seconds. Or if you have tissues or wipes, just wipe the cup inside and out to ensure that you’ll leave no blood residue behind.

Furthermore, a menstrual cup, if properly inserted, will provide you the freedom and satisfaction. It’ll feel like nothing is there! And you’ll get to do your daily activities without your period bothering you. Without a doubt, the benefits of menstrual cups are truly outstanding.

During the irritating red days, menstrual cups are there to provide us the protection from leaks and helps capture our menstrual blood. You’ll never know how comfortable and satisfying it is to use a cup until you experience it yourself! A remarkable alternative to tampons and pads: menstrual cups, will ensure to offer you the superb comfort during your period.

Moreover, it’s worth your money as it is reusable! With menstrual cups, you’ll be able to perform all forms of activity like you don’t have a period. Well, one thing is certain about a menstrual cup – it exists to offer every woman the remarkable fulfillment.

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