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How to Remove Menstrual Cups

how to remove menstrual cups

Do you find removing menstrual cup a bit difficult? Well, removing a menstrual cup is easier than you think. Of course, if you’re a beginner and you’ve just started using it – expect the removal to be messy as you are still not used to removing it. But that’s just fine because today we will guide you on how you can remove it with little to no effort. We’ll also share some common issues that menstrual cup users’ experience and how to resolve these.

The first step is to remember to relax and calm down. Take your time and don’t sweat it out. Relax and calm yourself before you begin. The removal is the same as the insertion part, it should go and also come out without any problem. Just don’t panic when it’s not coming out! Let’s get into the problems menstrual cup users’ commonly experience and some ways to eliminate these issues.

Menstrual Cup User’s Common
Issues and How to Resolve Them

Menstrual cup uncomfortable to remove
hold on to menstrual cup ridges for removal

All you need to do is to squeeze the bottom, particularly the ridges, which is there for gripping purposes. Doing this will release the suction, allowing you to eliminate the grip of the menstrual cup from your vagina. Releasing the suction will make it effortless for you to pull the cup out.

Can’t remove the menstrual cup
rock your menstrual cup from side to side to remove

If you’re having a hard time pulling it out, you can carefully rock the cup from side to side once you feel that the suction is gone. Although this simple technique isn’t necessary, this will allow you to remove the menstrual cup without spilling.

Furthermore, as much as possible, do not pull the cup on its stem. Not only that it will hurt, it will also create a mess since holding and pulling it on the stem won’t provide you enough control. Also, you should be very careful and do this gently – you don’t want it to spill everywhere, do you?

How to use the stem during menstrual cup removal?
do not pull on the stem of menstrual cup

No, pulling it on its stem alone won’t work. In fact, doing this will always turn into a mess. The stem’s purpose is to help you reach the bottom of the cup until you are able to pinch it and break the seal. Usually, the stem is a bit stretchy or soft, which is why you should not pull it as it may only spill the content of the cup.

What you can do is just pull the stem lightly, this is for you to easily grab the cup’s bottom, and then pinch the bottom between your thumb and index. Do this gently and slowly pull the cup out from your vagina. Make sure to get a good grip or you’ll find yourself in a bloody mess – literally.

If still not coming out, take a deep breath, focus, and relax. Don’t panic and remember that the cup won’t go anywhere and get lost inside your vagina – the only way for the menstrual cup to go is out.

Menstrual cup too far up
menstrual cup too high up

In case you cannot find and reach the stem of your menstrual cup, as much as possible, breathe and don’t panic. The reason why you find it hard to reach it is that the cup is placed higher in your vagina. Instead of panicking, take deep breaths to calm you down. Also, relaxing will allow your vaginal muscles to relax, which will help you to effortlessly remove it.

There are some few steps you can follow for you to reach the cup whenever its too far up in your vagina. You can try pushing down the cup using your vaginal muscles. For a more effective result, stand up and push down. Another way is by supporting your leg up so you can easily reach into your vagina and get a good grip on the stem of the cup.

Once successful, consider changing your menstrual cup to a different one or just practice more so you’ll have more confidence in yourself when removing it the next time you use it. More importantly, cups with longer stem may be the right one for you if you’re regularly experiencing this annoying issue.

From YouTube: How to Remove the Cup

On the video below we can see Sarah Tran talk about how to remove a menstrual cup.

Remove cup without spilling

For beginners to lessen or avoid messes while pulling the cup out, it would be the best option to sit on the toilet with your legs spread apart. This will be helpful in case there is a spillage during the removal process as the content of the cup won’t go on the floor, but directly into the toilet.

In addition, always ensure to eliminate the content of the menstrual cup at least every 12 hours. Not doing this may result in leaking, which is something you might not want to happen and experience. If you feel the cup has reached its capacity, go to the nearest bathroom and quickly empty it.

The entire removal process is easy, but this may also depend on the type of cup that you’re using. And the stem plays a huge role throughout the removal of a menstrual cup. Some cups have a short stem, and some have a long stem. Although all stems offer the same feature –  for easier grip and removal of a cup, the best preferences of which menstrual cup works best depends on the users alone.

It may take you some time to find the menstrual cup that works best for you. Well, every woman is different. What’s not comfortable for you may not be that comfortable for others. Make sure to try new and different cup every time you feel that it’s not the right cup for you. This way, you’ll get to find what type of cup works and what’s not. As I have previously said, removing it is the same process of inserting it.

For new users, the removal of the menstrual cup can be quite a difficult process. But with the simple tips given above, pulling it out will be a breeze. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it over time! Don’t forget to relax, take your time, and practice. This may take a while, but once you’re used to it, you will never go back again.

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