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When to Replace Menstrual Cup

when to replace your menstrual cup

Yes, it is true that a menstrual cup can last for years. And of course, this depends on how the cup is taken care of, how it is cleaned, and how the menstrual cup is used. Some even claim that it can last for up to 10 years.

This might be true as cups are not only soft and flexible, but is also durable. Well, that’s just amazing, isn’t it? Menstrual cups are truly a gift to you and every woman out there.

Furthermore, we can’t deny the fact that menstrual cups are one of the most convenient menstrual products available today. However, some new cup users are confused and don’t have an idea when to replace menstrual cup.

But don’t you worry about that – we got you covered! And today, we’re here to help you figure out when should you replace a cup. So, let’s not wait any longer and go ahead below.

Menstrual Cup:
Right Time to Replace It

Well, it is true that menstrual cups can last for some years. And you should also understand when to replace menstrual cup. And below we’ll show you the signs you should look for to help you figure out if your cup needs immediate replacement.

Your cup is discolored
menstrual cup discoloration

Believe it or not, your cup will start losing its color after a couple of years – and it’s natural. This is one of the most common issues of a cup, and this is also the biggest complaint of most women.

And don’t worry as this won’t affect the quality of the cup. You can still use a cup if it has only a little discoloration. Also, even if you are cleaning the cup regularly enough, over time it will stain as menstrual blood is quite strong. When the menstrual cup that you are using has extreme discoloration, this is the perfect time to replace menstrual cup.

From YouTube:

On the video below we can see The Minimalist Ninja talk about how to clean menstrual cups and give some tips on how to remove menstrual cup stains.

Your cup has an unpleasant odor
menstrual cup odor

If you’ve been noticing that your menstrual cup is smelling bad, try giving it a good clean first. You can sterilize it by soaking it in a boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes, but always make sure that the cup won’t fall at the bottom of the pot. 

Also, you can soak the cup in a vinegar and water solution for at least 30 minutes. These things will allow you to lessen or eliminate the unpleasant smell. And if these didn’t work and the odor is still there, consider replacing it as soon as possible. You don’t want your cup smelling all over the place, do you? If not, then better replace your cup! Furthermore, some cups are reusable, and it will help you save more from time to time. Without a doubt, it will be worth it in the end.

Your cup has holes and tears
menstrual cup holes and tears

Your menstrual cup is there to collect your menstrual blood and prevent it from leaking all over your favorite underwear or jeans. But if it has little holes and or tears, it won’t function well and may only result in leaking. And leaking is in fact, very annoying. 

Furthermore, always make sure that your cup is in excellent shape before using it. This way, you will get to fully enjoy all its wonderful benefits! If your cup gets any kind of damage, of course, it’s common sense to replace it immediately. Using a cup that is in poor condition will be uncomfortable and you won’t get to enjoy using it much better than when it’s still in a tiptop condition. Don’t wait and get a new one in case there’s some damage such as tears and holes in your menstrual cup.

Your menstrual cup is not comfortable to use anymore
menstrual cup uncomfortable

If you are at the point where your cup isn’t comfortable to use, this is a sign that you need menstrual cup replacement. If the shape of your cup is beginning to change, or it becomes sticky over time, just move on and get a new one. This is the right time to replace a menstrual cup.

Besides, don’t worry about getting a new one. Remember that you only need to spend once and it’ll last forever. In addition, some cups are cheap, reusable and can last for a longer time – if properly taken care of. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy your red days more if you are using a cup that is still in tiptop condition.

And there you go! Above are the signs to look out for to find out if your menstrual cup needs replacement. The good news is you can lessen these signs if you can maintain your cup regularly. Without a doubt, replacing your cup once you see that something is wrong with it will allow you to feel and experience all the remarkable benefits that a menstrual cup can offer.

Also, keep in mind that the discoloration of a cup is natural and it will not affect its quality. It is still safe and you can still use it, unless you’re not comfortable with this. Just ensure to clean it regularly, and don’t forget sanitize it after every cycle. Moreover, store it properly between uses to keep your menstrual cup in its best shape for a long time.

More importantly, it’s really up to you how often you want to replace your cup. You can replace it anytime you want – there’s no one stopping you. Just get a new one when you feel that you need to.

However, if you are experiencing any of the signs given above, don’t wait as this can affect your cup’s quality from time to time. Go and immediately get a new cup as soon as you can. Well, your cup can even last for up to 10 years as long as long as you take care of it properly. And it will also help you save more money in the long run!

You’ll be more comfortable with using cups when you know more about it better. And with the tips that we have provided, you’ll get to understand when to replace menstrual cup.

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