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How to Stop Menstrual Cup Leaking

A leaking menstrual cup won’t cause any to harm you, but it’s really frustrating. This may happen if you’ve just started to use a menstrual cup. Well, putting a menstrual cup can feel intimidating at first, but that’s nothing to worry about. It might take you some time and practice before you get the hang of it.

But don’t stress yourself because that’s just normal! If you’re experienced in using menstrual cups, you may also encounter sudden leaks, which is not really a good experience to have. Well, don’t you worry – we have the solution for your leaking menstrual cup.

Today, we are here to find out the reasons why your cup is leaking and how you can stop it from happening. So, let’s not wait any longer and proceed to the real action below.

Menstrual Cup Leaking: Causes and Solutions

The Cup Didn't Open Properly
not opened properly menstrual cup causes leaks

This is one of the common reasons why a menstrual cup is leaking. You may want to make sure that the cup is fully open after insertion. The suction is formed when you are able to “pop” the cup completely once it’s inside your vagina.

For you to find out if it is completely open, gently run your finger around the edge and inside of the menstrual cup. If it feels completely round and open, then you did it correctly and it’ll work just fine. If it feels a little flat, try to re-position it and reinsert the cup again. Don’t stop until you find and achieve the perfect position of the cup.

The Solution
rock menstrual cup from side to side

This method may be quite tricky for the first-timers, but this will allow them to easily align and pop the cup open. First, slightly move the menstrual cup from left to right while gently pulling downward.

Once inserted, try to pull the cup downward carefully. You’ll feel the pressure when the suction is formed. Moreover, it’ll be hard to remove it without breaking the seal. You can test if the seal is properly created by simply grabbing the stem and then giving it a good tug. If it doesn’t move or it moves just a little bit, then that’s good – it should not leak no matter what.

The Cup is Full
full menstrual cup

Yes, a menstrual cup has a larger capacity than pads and tampons. But it doesn’t mean that it can last longer for more than full 12 hours. You still need to empty it. If you’re having a heavy period, your cup will be quickly full and overflow in just a short time.  And when your cup is too full, this will cause leakage.

The Solution
menstrua; cup size a size b

Some menstrual cups offer more capacity. If you’re on a heavy period, it would be the best choice to get a cup that has more capacity than the cup you’re using before. Or if you can’t find one, just regularly check the cup every after 3-4 hours. Once you notice that the cup is almost or completely full, immediately empty it to avoid unnecessary leakage. Just reinsert it back again and repeat.

Your Cervix is Not in the Right Place
cervix not in right position

Sometimes, the reason why your menstrual cup is leaking is not because of your technique, but because of your cervix. A tilted cervix is another reason why you experience leaks. Keep in mind that not all cervix is the same, some are higher, and some are lower. Each woman’s cervix’s position is different from each other. 

Well, the cervix can actually move during menstruation. So, be patient and just locate it again during your red days.

The Solution

You need to ensure that your cervix is in the correct position inside the cup. In case you’re wondering where the cervix, the entrance to your womb, is – it’s there in your vagina. Now, stick your finger up there and locate it. The cervix feels squishy and firm. If you can feel that what you’re touching is like the tip of your nose – then that’s cervix right there.

Your Cup is Too Small
too small menstrual cup leaks

No, a cup that’s too small won’t explode when it’s full. That will never happen. The worst that can happen is finding yourself leaking a little bit, which is really annoying.

The Solution
choose from different menstrual cup size that fit for you

Well, there are different shapes and sizes of the cups. Try to pick one that would work best and fit you well. Sometimes, the size and shape of a cup don’t matter. Some women believe that the perfect cup commonly depends on your personal preference alone. Take your time trying different cups until you find the right one.

Insertion Techniques When Your Menstrual Cup is Leaking

The proper insertion of the cup is important to make sure that the cup is perfectly fitted and will not move unless you break the seal. Furthermore, if you still find your cup leaking for whatever the reason is, you might want to try new insertion technique for you to be able to completely and correctly put it in. And that’s what we’re going to show you.

Give the cup​​​​ a little twist
inserting menstrual cup

After inserting the cup, gently twist it a little bit. Although this trick may not work for some women, it’s still worth trying for. To do this, just grab the base of your menstrual cup and carefully rotate it. This simple technique will allow your cup to form a seal and prevent leaks once done right.

Perform the shimmy
pinch menstrual cup

In case the twist doesn’t work for you, try the shimmy instead. To perform it, simply grip the base or the stem of the cup, and then gently rotate it back and forth. Doing this will let the cup finds the perfect position in your vagina. This trick works best if your cup is not in the right position or if it is flattened.

​​Just follow the above techniques if you want to ensure that your cup won’t leak unexpectedly. This insertion tricks may or may not work for you, but at least try it. You’ll never find out what works and what’s not if you are not going to give it a try. Moreover, let these tips guide you to find out what you can do when your menstrual cup is leaking.

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