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When To Use Menstrual Cup

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Menstrual cups are without a doubt an excellent alternative to traditional tampons and pads. Also, it’s safe to use, eco-friendly, reusable, and it really works effectively. We can’t deny the fact that menstrual cups have made most women’s life much easier than before. But when to use menstrual cup?

The answer is obvious – during your period, of course. But if ever you find pads and tampons not working for you, a menstrual cup is there to get the job done! Yes, you read that right. Menstrual cups are here to provide you the freedom, comfort, and fulfillment during your red days.

All the remarkable benefits that a menstrual cup can offer are truly outstanding. Furthermore, it has more capacity and can hold more liquid than menstrual cloth pads. This reason alone is what makes it a great menstrual product. Although menstrual cloth pads work well too, menstrual cups are undoubtedly a better alternative to pads – it pretty much works like magic!

And today, we’re going to talk about when to use menstrual cup. Well, no more talking – let’s go ahead and get into the details below!

Menstrual Cup:
When to Use It

You have a heavy flow

As I have said, a menstrual cup can hold lots of capacity. And cups today are available in different sizes and capacity, which can hold a capacity of 20 to 30 ml, depending on the size.

Moreover, for beginners or virgins, it’s best to consider having a smaller cup. Although you can start with the medium cup, starting with a small cup will allow you to easily insert the cup and feel less pain and discomfort.

But if you have a heavy flow and you’re a new cup user or a virgin, using a small cup isn’t really necessary. You can begin with a medium to a hard cup as these types offer more capacity than a small cup. However, you might want to use a cup whenever you have a heavy flow as it offers more capacity than menstrual cloth pads.

You are looking for an alternative to pads and tampons

Tampons and pads can dry you out. In addition, these menstrual products contain harmful chemicals that can damage your vagina over time. Moreover, one of the common risks of using sanitary pads and tampons is the Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS. TSS is a rare disease that you should take seriously as it is life-threatening.

Well, what causes the Toxic Shock Syndrome? Using tampons creates micro-tears in your vaginal wall, which will allow the bacteria to accumulate – this is the culprit of the TSS. Luckily for you, there’s a much safer and much better alternative to these traditional menstrual products – a menstrual cup.

Menstrual cups are very safe to use as it is commonly made of medical grade silicone. And unlike tampons, cups won’t dry you out as it collects the blood instead of absorbing it. Some menstrual cups are made of rubber latex, which some people are allergic to, but fortunately, most cup available today are made of silicone. Additionally, using a menstrual cup will provide you a lesser risk of TSS.

Similar to tampons, a cup is also an internal product, but way better. And if you’re used to using tampons, using a Diva cup will be very much effortless. Although new cup users may find the first insertion of the cup a bit difficult, they’ll get the hang of it over time. Moreover, you will get enjoy and experience all a cup’s benefits once you fully master it!

You want to have freedom even during your period

Freedom during a period? Is that even possible? Well, this may be surprising to you, but the answer is yes! And the menstrual cup is simply the solution for that. A correctly inserted cup will allow you to experience the superb comfort whatever you do and wherever you go!

And through the help of a Diva cup, you’ll still get to do all the things you do regularly. These include your work, physical activities, night out with your friends, and many more! If you are looking for a freedom during your irritating red days, that’s not a problem anymore as menstrual cups are here to grant your wish! Also, understanding when to use menstrual cup will allow you to manage period even better than before.

You don’t want your pad staining your underwear

Yes, pads can stain and it’s just very annoying. Furthermore, stains are quite hard to remove. If you’re sick and tired of having a stain on your favorite underwear, it would be the best to consider the use of a cup.

A cup won’t stain your favorite underwear or jeans, but it can leak if it’s not completely open. And for new cup users, they often experience leaking and don’t you worry – that’s just normal! The good news is it will not stain as long as it is fully open and the seal is completely formed.

You are not fine with your tampons leaking

Well, tampons can leak unexpectedly, and that’s not good news. Fortunately, a properly inserted right doesn’t. However, it may take you some time and practice to get the hang of using a menstrual cup. Don’t rush it and take your time! Also, using a cup correctly will let you avoid leakage.

This way, you’ll get to be confident and at the same time feel comfortable even during your cycle. More importantly, it’s never too late to start using a cup! You’ll be glad at how its benefits will offer you the remarkable convenience during your red days. And for you to be ready for your next period, the Diva cup is here to help you prepare, feel more comfortable, and achieve the complete freedom!

Without a doubt, you’ll never go back to using sanitary pads and tampons again once you use a menstrual cup. And the above tips will help you understand when to use a menstrual cup. In addition, it is possible to manage your period as easy as a piece of cake with a cup by your side!

Certainly, your days during your menstrual period will be much better and satisfying with the help of menstrual cups. And knowing when to use menstrual cup will allow you to prepare and face your next menstrual period with confident!

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