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Which Menstrual Cup is
Easiest to Remove?

which menstrual cup is easiest to remove

For the first time menstrual cup users, they may find the first insertion and removal a bit difficult. But that is nothing to worry about because that's just normal! Thankfully, there are some cups that are easy to remove, which makes the removal comfortable. And today, we are going to figure out which menstrual cup is easiest to remove.

Fortunately for you and other cup users, there are different types of cups available on the market today. Some cups are soft to medium-firm, while others are too firm. Well, can the softness or firmness of a cup affect the easiness of the removal? We're going to find that out later.

Furthermore, knowing which menstrual cup is easiest to remove will allow you to attain the right cup and comfort during your period. So, let's not wait any longer and proceed below, shall we?

Small and soft menstrual cups are easiest to Remove

Soft cups are commonly flexible - well, all cups are. And since it's very flexible, you may find it comfortably easier to insert and to remove. Furthermore, soft cups works best for teenagers, virgins, women below the age of 30, and those who have had not given birth before.

Small cups fit well for first-timers. Although you can start with a medium to a quite firmer cup, it would be much better if you can begin with a soft menstrual cup, particularly when you are a beginner. Also, if you're having a hard time removing your cup, try switching to a softer cups and see if that would solve your problem.

Medium-firm menstrual cups

Aside from soft cups, medium-firm menstrual cups also works best for first-time period cup users. This type of period cup is suitable for most users. However, some women find medium-firm cups easy to remove, while others don't. But of course, keep in mind that every woman's anatomy is different.

Furthermore, try starting with a medium-firm menstrual cup and see if it can fit your body. If it suits you, then good for you! Moreover, this cup is also suitable for women with a sensitive bladder or with bladder issues since it is not too firm.

For menstrual cup beginners, to help you lessen discomfort and pain on your first insertion and removal, you can begin with either a soft or medium-cup. As much as possible, avoid firmer cups unless you are an athlete or someone who's really active.

Firmer menstrual cups

A firm cup is perfect for women who are athletic or very active. This type of cup can withstand movements, which allows you to comfortably wear it during any physical activities. For very active women, try to avoid a soft cup as your pelvic floor muscles might be too strong. If you're pelvic floor muscles are too strong, it may squeeze the cup and cause leaks.

Since it is firm, you may feel some pressure inside your vagina. And for women who are physically active, this type of cup works well for them as they have strong pelvic floor muscles, which helps support the cup.
In addition, firmer cups may be quite harder to remove. For this, you may need a bit of patience and exert some effort to comfortably put it outside your vagina.

Just try a different type of cups until you find the right one that you can easily remove with little to no effort. If you've already tried different cups and you're still having some difficulty removing your menstrual cup, it might be because you are not doing it properly.

But don't be sad because we are to help you out with that! So, below we'll give you some tips that can help you make the cup removal process quite easier.

Effective Menstrual Cup Removal Tips

Don't panic and relax

As much as possible, don't panic and keep your calm when removing your cup. Moreover, when you are nervous, your vaginal muscles will become tense. This makes it harder for you to remove the cup. Just relax as this will let your vaginal muscles to loosen up and relax also.

dont panic and relax when removing menstrual cup

In addition, if you feel some discomfort or pain during the removal, take a few deep breaths, and try again later. Well, there's no need for you to remove your cup right away. So, don't rush it and take your time.

Find a comfortable position

If you can't reach your cup, try and find a comfortable position, like squatting or by lifting one leg up and resting your foot on somewhere high, like a toilet seat. This position helps shortens the vagina, which helps lower the menstrual cup, allowing you to effortlessly reach and remove it.

find a comfortable position when removing menstrual cup

Give your cup a firm grip and pinch

Before you try to reach and remove your menstrual cup, always ensure to clean your hands first. Also, make sure that your hands are completely dry. This will let you have a better grip on the period cup. Once your hands are cleaned and dried, proceed and reach inside your vagina.

Give your menstrual cup a firm grip and pinch

Now, pull on the stem until you can reach the base of your cup. As much as possible, pinch as far as your menstrual cup and give it a good squeeze for a few seconds. This will allow you to give the seal some time to break. Furthermore, squeezing helps release the air.

To allow more air to enter into your vagina, pull your menstrual cup out at a sideways angle. This will allow you to remove your cup much easier.

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The video below by Manika- Nia Dixon provides helpful tips to safely and effectively remove menstrual cups. Check it out!

And that's about it! Now that you understand which menstrual cup is easiest to remove, you'll be able to feel and experience all your cup's wonderful benefits. Moreover, to help you remove your cup easier we've also provided some removal tips above.

More importantly, it may take you some time and practice to get the hang of using a cup. But once you figure out how you can easily insert and remove your cup, you'll get to enjoy your red days more!

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