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Which Menstrual Cup Size

Well, menstrual cups are everyone. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, there are some cups that would suit your body perfectly. In fact, you can use a period cup as early as soon as you have your first period. And today we’re going to find out which menstrual cup size is best for you!

Furthermore, there are different types of cups available today. Usually, some cup brands offer 2 sizes – small and large or model 1 and 2, while others offer 3 sizes – small, medium, and large. But is it important to know which menstrual cup size would suit you well? Without a doubt, that’s absolutely a yes!

Knowing which menstrual cup size is right for you will provide you not only the freedom, but also the comfort and satisfaction during your cycle. So, let’s not wait any longer and get into the details below, shall we?

Smaller & Softer Menstrual Cups

All menstrual cups are soft and flexible. Model 1 or the smaller cups are much softer and flexible in comparison to Model 2, which is quite firmer. Since smaller menstrual cups don’t have that much capacity, you may find yourself regularly emptying your period cup constantly.

But if it’s about comfort you want, undoubtedly model 1 is the perfect cup for you. To find out if model 1 or smaller cups would fit you perfectly, just consider the things provided below.

Light to Normal Menstrual Flow

Have a light or normal period flow? Simply get a small size cup and that would solve your problem! Besides, small size cups are specifically designed for light and normal flow. However, you may need to empty it regularly since its small to avoid unexpected leaks.

light to normal menstrual flow
Sensitive Bladder

Some women who have sensitive bladders or bladder issues might find a smaller cup much comfortable to use as it is softer and flexible. If you’re one of those who has a sensitive bladder, avoid getting a firmer cup as it can irritate your bladder, which could cause you to feel like you need to pee.

sensitive bladder
Teenager, Young Women Below 30 and Those Who Have Never Given Birth

For young cup users, they may experience some discomfort and pain on their first time, but that’s nothing to worry about – that’s just normal. For teenagers, young women below the age of 30, or those who have never given birth before, it is better if they can start with a small size cup first.

Teenager, Young Women Below 30 and Those Who Have Never Given Birth

This will make it much easier for them to insert and remove the cup since a smaller period cup is usually softer. Also, younger women, virgins in particular, have tighter vaginal muscles. So, it would be the best if they can start with softer cups to help them lessen discomfort or pain on their first cup insertion and removal.

Low Cervix

Every woman’s body is different. Also, your cervix can sit either low, medium, or high inside your vagina. In fact, a cervix can move either up or down during your cycle. But for women with low cervixes, it would be better if you can get a cup that is small or short. You want to avoid a larger cup if you have a low cervix as this may be uncomfortable to you.

low cervix uses smaller menstrual cup

Larger & Firmer Menstrual Cups

Compared to Model 1, which are smaller and softer cups, Model 2 are firmer and larger cups. For virgins or young women, avoid getting a firmer cup as it may only provide you discomfort instead of comfort. In addition, large menstrual cups are often firm as it is commonly made of firmer silicone, compared to smaller period cups, which are made of softer silicone.

And now, we’re going to figure out if a larger cup is the right cup for you. Well, let’s go and proceed below to understand if a firmer cup would fit your body well.

Normal to Heavy Flow

For women who experience normal to heavy period regularly, go for a larger size cup. Moreover, a large cup offers more capacity and can hold more menstrual flow in comparison to small and medium menstrual cups. Also, don’t forget that a large cup is quite firmer. So, if it’s your first time trying a larger cup, expect to experience some discomfort.

normal to heavy menstrual flow

But don’t worry, your body will get used to it from time to time. And once you get the hang of using a firmer cup, you’ll always be ready to face normal to heavier flow anytime!

Athlete or Active Women

Usually, athlete or women who are regularly active have strong vaginal muscles. Since their pelvic floor muscles are strong, they might need a firmer cup as this type of cup can withstand movements and pressure. If you are regularly active, avoid a softer cups because your pelvic floor muscles might be too strong, which may squeeze a soft cup easily, leading to annoying leaks.

athlete or active women should use firmer menstrual cups
Women over 30 or Those Who Have Given Birth Already

As we age, our vaginal muscles get weak and lose its elasticity. Also, after giving birth, some women’s pelvic floor muscles get weak. For women over the age of 30 or those who have given birth already, find a cup that is large and firm.
In addition, a firmer cup suits older women or mothers well as they usually have weak vaginal muscles. Firmer cups opens easily and an excellent type of cup for athlete and those who have weak pelvic floor muscles.

Women over 30 or Those Who Have Given Birth Already should use firmer menstrual cups
High Cervix

Large period cups are usually long which is great for women with high cervixes. Avoid getting a larger cup if your cervix is too low. Using a large menstrual cup when your cervix’s position is low might only lead to discomfort or pain.

high cervix women should use firmer menstrual cups

So, above will guide you on finding which menstrual cup size would perfectly suit you well. Well, it may take you a few tries until you find the cup that would works best for you and what’s not. And with our tips given above, you’ll easily figure out the right size of period cup for you!

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