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Who Invented the
Menstrual Cup?

who invented the menstrual cup

Without a doubt, menstrual cups are remarkable menstrual products - we can't deny that. And did you know that cups is not a new creation? Yes, it's an old invention, but here's the question: who invented menstrual cup? Who's the brain behind this amazing period product?

Well, if you don't have any idea who, don't worry! Moreover, we'll be glad to show you who's the creator of the remarkable menstrual cups. Not only that, we'll also provide some short history about cups. And together, let's figure out who invented menstrual cup. So, let's not wait any longer and go ahead below! But first, let's talk about what is a menstrual cup.

What Is A Menstrual Cup?

what is a menstrual cup

It is an internal eco-friendly menstrual product that catches and collects menstrual blood flow. It is a great alternative to sanitary pads and tampons because it doesn't dry you out since it is there to collect your flow, not to absorb it.

Furthermore, a menstrual cup is commonly made of flexible medical grade silicone and has a bell shape with a stem. Some menstrual cup brands offer 2 (small and large) types of sizes and some offer 3 (small, medium and large). Well, the capacity of the cup depends on the size. Also, a cup holds more capacity than traditional tampons and pads. And menstrual cups are divided into two types - disposable and reusable.

Since some cup brands are reusable, saving money is possible! And cups being eco-friendly and safe to use, makes it safe not only for the environment, but also for your body. Undoubtedly, you'll get to enjoy and achieve the superb comfort, freedom, and fulfillment during your period through the help of a cup!

The Inventor of Menstrual Cup

Ever heard of Leona Chalmers? Well, she created a product - a product that changes women's' lives forever. In the 1930s, Chalmers gave up her profession as a singer and actress to submit a patent on menstrual cups. Because of her invention, which is known as menstrual cup, we can now tackle our period with comfort, freedom, and even satisfaction!

Leona Chalmers, an American author, inventor, and actress, was known as the inventor of the first modern menstrual cups. Chalmers patented a design of period cup - similar to the cups available today - which was made from rubber latex. Although there were menstrual products identical to this, which were called "Catamenial Sacks", she was the first to patent and market the period product.

Moreover, these Catamenial Sacks consists of a cord and a belt. Emptying it is also similar to how you empty a modern menstrual cup. You only need to remove the pouch, empty it, and reinsert it back again afterward.

While Leona Chalmers is considered as the creator of the first menstrual cup, there are some devices before, which doesn't look like a cup that we know today, that offers the same function as modern menstrual cups. And over time, period cups are getting more and more popular.

Well, the benefits of a cup are truly outstanding. But do you know how to use a menstrual cup? If not, don't worry! We'll tell you how below.

Well, using a cup is easy as what you think. However, for first-time cup users, expect a bit of pain and discomfort during your first insertion. But don't you worry about that because that's just normal! So, here we'll show you how to properly use a menstrual cup.

Just relax and don't panic

menstrual cup uncomfortable

When you are nervous, your vaginal muscles will tighten. This will make the insertion much difficult than it really is. So, before you begin, calm down and as much as possible, don't panic. Relaxing will allow your vaginal muscles to also relax, which makes insertion quite easy.

Fold your cup the way you want it to be

different menstrual cup folds

For first-timers, the C-Fold would be the best type of fold for them. But you can try different folds aside from the typical C-Fold. Moreover, don't forget to grip the cup firmly. This way, you'll avoid your cup from popping out during the insertion.

Insert the cup while holding it firmly

manually opening menstrual cup

After folding your menstrual cup, hold it firmly then gently insert it into your vagina. It should pop open easily when you insert it properly. You can feel the "pop" once you successfully put it in. If you can't feel the pop, just give the stem a sharp tug, and if it doesn't move, then the seal is formed and your cup is completely open.

And that's how to properly use a menstrual cup. So, let's now talk about when was menstrual cup invented. Let's proceed below!

The first menstrual cups were invented in 1937 in the United States. Leona W. Chalmers is the one, and the first to patent and sells the device. Due to rubber shortage from World War II and failure to sell rubber cups, Chalmers alongside with her team decided to create a vulcanized rubber - a softer version of the cup.

And below (far left) you can see the drawing of the menstrual cup from Chalmer's patent. You can see that it is very similar to The Keeper, Tassaway, and Tasette that we know today. She suggested that the patented cup should be made of vulcanized rubber - it later became disposable and change its name.


Patent Tasette Cup

(Image Source:

Her first patent was unsuccessful, but she did not give up. For the second time, in the 1950s, Chalmers cooperated with a company. And Leona Chalmers called it "Tasette". She advertised the Tasette as the better version of her old invention. Since the Tasette is flexible, it allows women to achieve the freedom during their menstruation.

Additionally, from time to time, cups are evolving to offer us the comfort during our period. And many cups today are usually made of medical grade silicone material, which means that it is very safe to use. Furthermore, most menstrual cups are eco-friendly and come in different sizes, which helps protect the environment and at the same time perfectly suits any woman at any age!

Also, since many women are allergic to rubber latex, there are the hypoallergenic menstrual cups to save the day. Undoubtedly, with a menstrual cup by your side, you’ll get to effortlessly tackle and survive your period with superb comfort and fulfillment! You’ll always be ready to face unexpected menstruation through the help of a cup – that’s certain!

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